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We badly needs buffs on troops now

There have been quite some time now since we had a useful buff on several troops in this game. I do say it’s about time that troops get some love, as most of us have already lost the hope. Starting with giving some Legendaries and Mythics love would have meant a lot for so many players in this game.

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We will see what happens with 5.0. Hopefully a broad swath of balance changes to bring more troops up to the modern power curve. No or limited troop/weapon balance changes with the patch would be really sad.

And on the opposite note there are troops that have had some serious power creep and need some nerfs.
But yeah, a whole balance swipe over alot of troops would be nice :slight_smile:

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Hate to ruin your hopes, but I don’t think that’ll be happening with the update. I think the developers said that they’ll be doing balance changes separately from game updates. So I’m not 100% sure that it’ll be concurrent with the update this time.

No complaints so close to patch release!

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Yes…something rushed may happen and ruin a troop or weapon for good.

I dont expect any troop balance changes for the 5.0 patch. But I hope that we get a patch filled with quite some balance changes before Xmas 2021.

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@Eika…the update will always reflect player investment and activity and be designed to keep us chasing the end game unicorn. It doesn’t exist and the devs are so embroiled with this philosophy that their QA simply does not exist “hey its Friday everyone, we’ve left them with an ever reducing gnome appearance; the party is at my place…” That’s the mentality of the team who build this game.