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All we ask for Christmas is a huge troops rework/balance change!

Lets say 200 troops or so.

Wait a moment…

Lets be realistic here…

No…that would be zero troop buff if I should be realistic about this…

So, I choose to be Positive Petras and praying for 1 buff only.

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We heard your feedback! Accordingly, we will be increasing Tesla’s base magic by +4! You’re welcome!


That’s not how gacha games work…

If the devs go a rebalance a bunch of old troops, then that removes the incentive for the devs to create a new troop that player have to open chests or jump through hoops to go through that is equivalent to the rebalanced troop. (Why rebalance an old troop, when a new troop can be made/sold?) Troop obsolescence, even at high rarities, is a cornerstone of this type of game style. The same logic can be applied to weapons, as well.

Besides, there have been official statements that balance changes have been decoupled from the quarterly updates. So, don’t expect any balance changes with the upcoming update. In the event that some do come down the road, they will most likely be about balancing troops around the early-mid game experience.

I’ll wish for a troop buff with you as well for the Holidays, but I wouldn’t hold my breath too long on that.

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In my book, 1 useless buff is still better than zero buffs. Because even if they did not make the troop more useful, a baby toe of effort were put in. A baby toe of effort doesnt even exist anymore. So… Also it might be an early sign of something better to come in the future. A new start or a new hope or something…Or might be an ending of something lackbuster.:sweat_smile:

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You’ll get your 50 gems and 5 minor traitstones.

Players still need to get new troops for Kingdom Power Levels. That alone is enough of a reason to get new troops and should not be a reason to keep old troops hostage from upgrades.

Old Troops are still sold as well.

Growth Pack/Path to Glory/Path to Power gives you 1 new Legendary/Mythic that you don’t own.

The Weekly Event shop sells 2 Legendaries and a random Kingdom troop.

The main reason we removed the balance changes from our major updates is that one controversial balance change could completely impact the way a major update was received. We thought it was better to keep them seperate moving forward.

However, I have mentioned to the devs that this might be a cute Christmas present. No promises, but I’ve put the idea forward for the end of the year.

I also have some Christmas surprises of my own in the works, and I’m excited to be doing fun seasonanal content again.


If by the time I use this troop again next year (for the one time a year I use them.)
It isn’t programmed to destroy the least amount of gems possible on the board every time it casts.

Or at the very least if the text was updated to describe that predetermined behavior.

Instead of the illusion of other possible outcomes.
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Any other balance chances I always fear “the monkeys paw” too much.

Thanks for putting the idea forward!

Well I got my present already, yesterday…
HoR dropped from Vault just before my bed-time, so… now i start the day sewing a team for Enraged Kurandara… :wink:

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I will make it as simple as I can.

Stop the proliferation of Death Mark.

Instead, focus on different things that can make the game fun.


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They did. Orpheus medals. We just never use them outside of GW. But because they exist. They increased the amount of which Death marks kick in to make it as though the Orpheus medals don’t actually exist.

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wow congrats! I’m glad it is possible to still get it, with my luck we probably are talking late December 2022.