Any plans to rebalance old troops?

if yes, then when?
in future after guild wars or before that?

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Theres been many instances that with a bigger update we also get a bunch of troops reworks.

Also they seem to rebalance troops a kingdom at a time (Eg Mist of Scales got a rework last year, and I think there was another one while I was away).

So we don’t have any announcements regarding upcoming troop balance change but I can explain a few things. There are 2 different ways troops get revisited:

  • Kingdom Reworks- where some troops from a single kingdom get tweaks or reworked. Some of the past kingdoms reworks we have done are Mist of Scales, Zhul’ Kari, Ghulvania and Maugrim Woods. We have more planned in the future but no ETAs yet.
  • Troop Balance Changes- These normally happen with patch updates, but can sometimes occur with Weekly Event updates depending on the changes.