When will old kingdoms reviewed/buffed?

Every week we get an event related to 1 kingdom and 1 or 2 new troops from that kingdom that’s nice and fun and refreshing.

But so many troops are unused, so many kindgoms feel crap.

When are the old kingdoms review planned ?
When do we get giants and orcs that would spawn new build ideas ? When garnok will get to be used ?
I’m eager to see full feys, full elves, full savage teams !

Please, … when ? :slight_smile:



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LOL – Sir Gwayne

On all seriousness: devs as mentioned several time that Grosh Nak is on their highest priority list of rework. No ETA though, but as @RiverSong said: soon. :smiley:


Groshnak will happen with the next introduction of a troop from that kingdom. Scheduled date for next Grosh troop is this month, 26th.


Thank you very much for those answers.

Do we have information about other kingdoms to be reworked ?
Will we get a rework every week (as per events) until all got a pass onto them ?
Or is it more a one per month ?

Its a thing of devs wanting to rework. If a kingdom is planed for a rework, it will happen when the next troop from that kingdom is released. As to which kingdoms are planned for a rework, we don’t have such insights apart from Grosh’nak.

Gonna be honest, i am pretty hyped about what’s to come for Grosh’Nak, i hope it doesn’t dissapoint, yay Orcs!
That being said the rate of reworks could definitely be increased a bit. Maybe not whole kingdoms everytime but slip in a troop or two every now and then, sounds reasonable to me.


And when you say a bit, you mean a very much bit often? :slight_smile:

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Pretty sure devs said that Karakoth and Adana were on their list… after Grosh-Nak…

We did have troops from Adana fairly recent so i dont think that Adana is in it anytime soon.

Yeah Groshnak kingdom reworked !

Nice nice ! good ideas !
thank you very much !
Keep up the good work !

Yes i like the rework a lot, still not really feeling an all Orc team, but loving Gar’nok, Orc, and Drake Rider…though Orc should really get another name, or something added to his name at least, Orc Peasant or whatever.
A troop being named just his trooptype seems stupid.
Wouldn’t want to play an all human team with a troop called human etc.

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Orc Warrior should do it?

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They can call him Orc Bicyclist for all i care, just plain Orc seems stupid :stuck_out_tongue:


Orc Grunt

and yeah he should be renamed, what if we get a unit called “Elf” or “Raksha” ? :thinking:

or even a “Human” :rofl:

looking forward to “Mystic” mystic …

Yeah that’s best.


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