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Love for Blighted Lands

@Sirrian, seeing as kingdoms such as Ghulvania, Mist of Scales and soon to be Khetar, have their tenth troop; could we see some love for Blighted Lands any time soon?
The option to craft our own legendary troop being ‘on hold’, was looking to be coming from this same kingdom I believe. Will this now be started back up? If the Blighted Lands are soon to be an upcoming weekly event, it could be a deciding factor in the vote as whether the troop remains a Blighted Lands Legendary.


I was just thinking the same thing, doesn’t it only have 7 troops? I wonder if its kingdom skill bonus is a factor in keeping the troop count low.

I have to agree with that comment. So far a number of kingdoms have been given nine troops, but only two of those Kingdoms didn’t have health or armour as their stat gain.

It is possible that they have gone around to those Kingdoms first to make sure high end players aren’t too dominant with their attack and magic statistics, but the game is adding up to two troops to kingdoms that already have eight troops to their name. Blighted Lands is being quite left behind.

I would be very surprised if an eighth troop weren’t already In the pipeline.