Was books of deeds and cursed gnomes made to frustrate the players?

If so it worked out perfectly fine.


Gnome Vault Flash offers:

$15 for 650 gems and 1 Cursed Gnome Bait.

if that’s for 1 Cursed Gnome encounter… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

Doesn’t matter if Cursed Gnomes are a once in a blue moon occurrence, the amount of cursed runes needed in total makes 1 piece of bait seem so pointless.

So… the answer is… yes? probably?

I think Book of Deeds/Imperial Deeds is just a stall tactic so they don’t have to think of new content for awhile. I would have been fine staying at Kingdom Level 15 and not have Books be a thing.

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A lot of these “assets” have been rather rare at time of release and gradually become easier to obtain as time goes by. Only for new “assets” to be introduced and the cycle to repeat all over again.

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Someone must have lost their mind with that price for a cursed gnome bait. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

But that illustrates why they’re so rare. They think they can make crazy money with the bait.

Unfortunately, there will probably be players who will spend that crazy amount of money for basically nothing (and lame gems).


Cursed gnome bait? SRSLY? A while back it was suggested to make Cursed Gnomes a staple of Epic Vaults and instead, the devs made it even more frustrating for us to obtain Cursed Runes. If this doesn’t have GAMBLING written all over it, idk what does smh.


Yes. They were designed to frustrate you into spending real money in the store, daily deals, or flash offers for deeds or bait to speed up the process of obtaining them.

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I will play devil’s advocate as usual. The company needs to make money to pay for the servers, the devs, etc. if they never add new resources, at some point majority of the player base will have enough of these resources and they will stop paying, which will drastically reduce the gains. So, are these by design to frustrate you and make you pay more money? Yes, absolutely.

However, the more important question is: do you truly need them? I would argue that these are right now either completely cosmetic (with runes you can get a mythic, pet and some weapons but not a huge advantage) or end-game. You don’t even need that high kingdom level for current power levels and even if you do, most players can get to PL20 rather easily (compared to rest) so getting to 30 (compared to 20) will only give you an additional 2 skills per kingdom. Would this be nice? Hell yeah, I would love to get another 8 magic for example. Am I in such bad position without it? Not at all!

So after all, you either need to pay for it or grind the hell out of it and this is by design. I started doing arena daily just for offers only recently for example.


I’ll admit I may have jumped the gun when I said Cursed Gnome Bait was a form of gambling, but consider this: You have a guaranteed shot at the Cursed Gnome in PVP, not Explore or in any other game modes. Plus the Wish Gems are still out there, we all know what that means. Unless you have a team that’ll end the fight quickly and the Wish Gem doesn’t fill everyone’s mana, hopefully y’all can see why I saw Cursed Gnome Bait and all I could think was “gambling”.

Was books of deeds and cursed gnomes made to frustrate the players?

Yes. The target level of frustration is always “enough for players to be willing to spend money to momentarily relieve the frustration”

This is just how devs like to work new resources into the game, with long term goals in mind. Make them hard to get at first and then frustratingly slowly make them more available.

And honestly, some of these might never be available in excess in the long term. Take diamonds for example, unless you have been playing from the beginning, it is very likely that you lack on diamonds regardless of how end-game player you are.

Similar for doomed scrolls. Unless you played all ToD events and/or paid a ridiculous amount of gems / tiers for the most recent events, you are likely missing enough scrolls.

Diamonds became easier to get (considerably) with GaP since you can farm enough keys and then do a lot of vault fights to get a good amount of diamonds, but still not much. Similarly, they made it possible to “craft” doomed scrolls, however they now require writs another very scarce resource. So, not much has changed.

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Re: Diamonds

Keep in mind that campaigns and journeys bumped the rate at which mythics / non-gem weapons / legendaries are added to the game by more than 40%.

Assuming average pull luck, you’ll effectively need a >33%-50% higher diamond income compared to pre-campaigns to maintain your account’s rate of progression.

My point is that there are precedents for making scarce resources more scarce (relatively) in GoW.

I think 99.96% of players don’t have the stamina to farm enough VKs to get those extra diamonds.

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At this point everything has the sole purpose of frustrating the costumers, sorry i mean players.


It is designed to make you grind…oh the servers are slow…yes, you are right. It will frustrate you to farm cursed runes