Part of the scam?

Is this part of your scam to get people to spend $400 in gems to lvl the forge before you “raise” the rates Thursday?

1002 battles, ZERO cursed gnomes.

Let me guess: Streakiness? Working as intended? What BS phrase do I use this time?


I just did a Gnome-a-Palooza.

I got one Cursed Gnome and TWO Cursed Runes.

Big whoop… :poop:


It’s going to be really interesting to see the “increased rate” after reset today.


I’ve done over 300 total regular kingdom battles and not a single cursed gnome. Haven’t done any GAP, but guild mate said they did and got a cursed gnome that didn’t drop any runes.

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You don’t need to spend any money to level the forge. It doesn’t cost money. It costs gems. Gems are FREE. You CAN spend money if you want MORE gems than are free to you.


@Tabu i answered in another topic, post here again:
fully agree with you: i was so lucky to get one in explore after around 300 battles (idk exact number anymore).
now i did 500 more explore battles - nothing.
with these numbers the increase on Thursday has to be huge, otherwise this isn’t worth our time.

I know man, I just used the value they attach to their infinite supply. When you see they want $100 for 1500 gems, then want you to use 6000 to lvl it. It just highlights how insane it all is.

I did finally find a gnome, battle 1278.

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“We have added Cursed Gnome Bait that players will be able to purchase from flash offers, to get a Baited Cursed Gnome in either PvP or Explore battles.”