Cursed gnome bait

If I purchase a cursed gnome bait, how long it works? One battle? 15 minutes? And it’s for all my guild, or just for me?

i am lead to belive it is just for the one battle and just for you. but i too am awaiting confirmation of this


I can confirm it’s only one gnome and does not spread to the rest of the guild. Got it bc I was on the verge of a soul forge level and kinda regret it tbh


The bait might be my only way to get a cursed gnome. I have never seen one outside of a GAP. And at this rate it will be another 6 months before I could conceivably finish the forge upgrades without spending gems, which I won’t do

15 dollars for a chance of 10 cursed runes is really steep.

PSA: Dont buy the bait!

edit: leveling Soulforge to level 20 takes 325 runes. Cursed Gnome drops vary between 10 to 15 runes. The minimum amount baits needed would be 21,6. Times the 15 dollars = oh boy! And if you dont get as lucky, you spendings end up being closer to 500 dollars…


Agreed, don’t buy it, but it’s not technically $15 for 1 cursed gnome bait, because you get 650 gems with it. The typical value, outside of vault flash offers, is ~45 gems per dollar (50 per dollar in vault offers). 650 gems for 15 is 43 gems per dollar.

Let’s assume it’s 45 though that you’re paying for. So 650/45 = $14.44. So technically speaking, if you buy 650 gems at 45 gems per dollar, you’d spend $14.44, and this costs $14.99, so you’re paying ~45 cents for the cursed gnome, which will get you 10-15 cursed runes.

In other words… if you want to buy 650 gems @ 45 gems per dollar, AND you want ~12.5 cursed runes with it, then $15 isn’t that bad of a deal.

For comparison, the 1250 gem offer with 2 epic vault keys is literally 50 gems per dollar, which is normally the highest they ever offer. They did offer one slightly higher for Australia day or something, and it was like 53-55 gems per dollar.

The lowest offer is 400 gems for $10 and 1 pet gnome bait, and that’s 40 gems per dollar.


So glad they were so helpful in literally calling it “bait”.