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We Need A Deed gnome!

We are in serious need of a deed gnome or some way to get deeds as a reward other than random AB


No kidding. Especially for Imperial Deeds. I think I’ve received one in the last couple of months.


I dont want such gnomes, in that case we will get a farm2win game. Boring and time expensive.

You and I must be playing different games - it’s already farm to win.


Now there’s a GOOD idea :ok_hand:
And kick out the soul gnome :leg:

And he’ll drop 1-5 writs…


Better than nothing…

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I happen to like the soul gnome. It’s pretty good at dropping vault keys during the vault event and getting 2,500/5,000 souls is very convenient when compared to soul farming. (for me, 405 souls per battle)

I rather get rid of the Jewel Gnome.


End game… has more layers than an onion. Some ‘end gamers’ haven’t done the medal soul math yet. 5 million souls to medal 100 at gold.


I started with 3.6 million souls when medals came out. I have over 100 troops at gold, and a number at bronze/silver (mythics, legendaries)… and now I’m at 3.4 million souls. In the end game, souls are meaninglessly easy to get, no farming required.

Is it a number contest now? I’m at 317 gold elite troops, 1 silver elite troop and only 1.55 mil souls on hand. I’d have more gold elite troops if I had more souls to spare, but at 60,000 souls per troop upgraded without any fails, that disappears fast.

Soul farming is still needed the more you try to medal (hello Kingdom Power 28/30), and I’m only kept sane because I soul farm vault events and get a good amount of soul gnomes to keep it steady.

317 gold elite troops is 19,020,000 souls.
100 gold elite troops is 6,000,000 souls.

your 3.4 mil souls isn’t really closing that gap…

and before any one thinks I’m being high and mighty with my progress, there’s 864 troops in the game so far.

864 troops = 51,840,000 souls

I’m nowhere close.


It’s a matter of relative rates. I don’t have Geoff yet (closing in at 81% atm! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), so for me souls are accruing faster than medals are, even without disenchanting troops.

If I explored a little more seriously, disenchanting could help me medal more quickly.

But to progress quickly, here meaning with the intention of someday having all troops gold, then Idle’s right — when you dream big, and don’t want to wait, souls suddenly are a problem in the immediate.

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No, I was trying to say that I am earning souls, without trying, at a rate fast enough to keep up with how often I medal my troops, and knowing I have the 100 troop achievement gives a ballpark estimate of what that rate is.

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I should have been clearer in my post, in retrospect, that I thought(think) ice is right, too — that’s what I meant by “relative rates” — that different players with different goals and levels of patience for progression are going to find their sweet spots in different places (and that the devs probably aren’t pitching to the hardest of the hardcore, either — they don’t want every player to be a Geoff)

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More details please.
What ressource are you talking about?

I have a full account, Guild Leader of a GW Bracket 1/2 guild and just make my ~25 Games most days (to get the 100 enemy gems) + tributes and delve events.
The last thing i really farmed where souls, years ago.
There is no need /option to farm status points. Medals are isolated, thank god.

Why bother. You’ve already exceeded the numbers needed for faction power, maybe with a little mopping up here and there.

Pretty much any resource (excepting deeds) can be gained just by playing the game. And you and I are playing two different games, if you’re only on long enough to pick up your 100 adventure board gems per day. I play for hours every day and have for years. That’s why I have every troop at mythic, every weapon available at max stats, etc. But from your post, I’m guessing you’re more focused on guild wars/events. There’s nothing wrong with that style of play; it’s just different.

On my new Switch account the Soul Gnomes are a god send, on my PC/mobile accounts, not so much lol… I’ll pass the feedback on about the Deed Gnome.

I’ll leave the Soul Gnome feedback for now as I think as you’re discovering it’s a bit more tricky, some people being Soul rich and others farming for them, not just at lower levels but at higher ones too.


could you pass on a token gnome as well?

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I’ll add it to the same QoL - Gnome master QoL :slight_smile: