Book of deeds please

One of my favorite game play elements was first maxing out kingdom level power on all the kingdoms. And then playing, spending, and staying active enough to maintain Max kingdom power level.

Book of deeds have been released so poorly that the element for me is ruined. I bought all the deeds and writs that I was “supposed” to. And this is the first campaign I haven’t purchased (yet) because the last one still kept my kingdoms bottle necked.

So what’s the point of spending more money if the resources I need aren’t going to be given and instead I’ll receive useless resources instead?

I don’t feel like book of deeds are this hard to get on purpose now. I think the person who designed it years ago just forgot to actually scale with time.

This is more like a broken rubber band than an actual one.


I happen to agree with you, and I’ve said so in other spots.

That being said? The Merchant is at least a small step in the right direction, and that ought to be recognised and praised. I don’t play as obsessively and exhaustively as some people do – just using things like the “trophy” count of other members of my guild as a measuring stick – but I do get a handful of Deed offers every day from there. (And the occasional boon from the Angel.)

Although I also play enough that I can afford those offers when they pop up, because I have the steady income of Gems to cover that cost.

But, yes, this is starting to turn into a roadblock. I’ve got roughly two-thirds of my kingdoms at Level 16 and just put my fourth to Level 18, but this is still something that’s among the most common of my roadblocks to Power progression.


Agree. I currently have 3 kingdoms that are blocked at PL26 and need hundreds of deeds each to get enough books of deeds to level them.

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The merchant system is sort of helpful for people who need regular deeds for kingdom level 15. It doesn’t even scratch the surface of the problem with books of deeds, and is only a step in the right direction for players willing to spend literally 100,000 gems to progress. No one but the most dedicated whales should be buying those offers to convert into deed books at 50:1.

Posting this not to rehash a tired argument, but for the benefit of any new developers who might read the feedback.


My location is in Europe, but If I listen closely, I can hear the laughter from Australia.

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More books of deeds would be very helpful.

I spent all my Purple books for Ghulvania power-up. Now I need 30 more Purple books to develop Karakoth, Darkstone and Zhul’Kari. How am I supposed to get them? Collect 1,500 deeds of Magic and 15,000 Amethysts? Or craft those deeds from 150,000 writs and 150,000 amethysts? And how can it be possible?


Yup I agree, at 75,000 gems per kingdom using those merchant deed offers that’s way too much grinding and gem spending to level up a couple kingdoms per year. That’s not really a viable solution in my book either.

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Now Leonis Empire and Swords edge are locked behind books of deeds due to bad design.

If these kingdoms get campaigns within the upcoming year then it’s pointless to buy the pass since even then you won’t receive enough book of deeds.

I can’t help but think years ago when kingdom levels were designed they thought they would create a solution to this issue by now and literally just forgot about it.

Bugs, poor customer service aside… blocking my progression is what will ruin the game for me. If you aren’t going forward then you’re going backwards.


I can’t help but think that whatever plans they might have had were woefully inadequate. Maybe they would have been, anyhow, but the addition of new mechanisms that have released additional troops above and beyond the previous paradigm – such the kingdom reworks bringing in 4 additional troops at once independent of events, or the Deep Delves (eventually) adding a new troop to each kingdom – has accelerated the timeframe in which we otherwise would have had to accumulate the necessary resources.

I suspect the vast majority of active players don’t even have all of their kingdoms to level 18 just yet and many of them probably don’t even have everything up to 16. 16 → 18 is an expensive enough proposition; 18 → 20 is an order of magnitude worse. And while the ability to get Deeds through the Merchant is a step in the right direction, it’s not enough to plug the hole and it requires a rather healthy Gem income to keep up with even in the best-case scenarios, something that likely only applies to those people who can dedicate several hours per day to this game.

We still should commend the small steps the developers have taken in the right direction on this front, but a lot more needs to follow.


You know, I was really thinking about this today, as I approach being done with Classes.

No, I disagree with you. It’s not enough.

Do you know when they introduced KL20 and PL30? Aug 2020. For me, they have had more than enough time to give any indication they plan to fix the Books bottleneck but they haven’t.

There have been plenty of suggestions since that time - they cannot even do the simplest one which is put Writs in Treasure Hunt.

I’m severely over this game.

It seems that the attention is on PQ3, which is a failed prospect, and they just keep using this game as a cash cow.


Looking at the ultra-rare adventure board task that gives a total of 10 writs, they probably don’t even understand there is something that should have been planned and put into action years ago. It’s really a shame, other games tend to have some feedback channel to help improve the worst flaws, this one is like trying to talk with a potted plant.


Potted plants are said to grow better if being talked to. Make of that what you will. :joy:


Another kingdom locked behind either bad design or pay to progress design. It’s a toss up at this point.


Prioritize Zhulkari and Karakoth. I have enough green books once this campaign ends (switch) and nearly enough purple books.
The merchant is excellent, buying every purple deed available!

Every week the list of disappointment grows…

The fact that I’ve been super active for 5+ years and am a vip 13 makes it ludicrous that I’m “behind” on my kingdom power.

Horrendous design that would rather be ignored than acknowledged. Maybe if daily offers weren’t broken for years now then it wouldn’t be this bad.


The same person who designed Epic Trials teams and opponents. Must also be in charge of Book of deeds being released.

I’ve got an offer for deeds, if buy the 3 times, you get a book.

Oh look, I bought the kingdom pass but I’ll still be blocked by not having enough book of deeds to progress my kingdom.

Hey devs. You know it’s hard to support you financially when you won’t bother supporting the game you designed right?

It’s hard to swallow that this isn’t a paywall … It’s a design flaw holding back the progression.

How about being able to convert only
souls into book of deeds? Could finally do something with the millions of souls many vet players are sitting on.

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I would love that!