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WARNING! DoomSkulls will soon be the new meta when the New Kingdom releases

So i just took a peak at the new Kingdom coming next week from http://www.taransworld.com/Spoilers/ , and oh boy… If you guys hate DoomSkulls now, you might quit the game after next week. The two new legendary troops will become pure cancer and will give the current meta a run for its money.

I personal Like the fact that the meta is always changing because it keeps the game interesting and forces me to change up my strategy, and i personal (Currently) like DoomSkulls. But feel once these new troops release, skull Spam will be the most frustrating and OP thing in the game… Just imagine a

1.Divine Ishballa,
2.any of the New kingdom legendary troops,
3.a bone dragon,
4.and any other skull based troop like Keeper of souls or sheggra

Im curious if yall also think the meta will change dramatically with the new kingdom I cant wait to read all the rage that will flood this forum. Anyways you have been warned. "Im going to sing the doom song now " Doom, Doom , do, do doom, doom, doom…


Lol nothing new here


I hope so, im burnt out on the ones now

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King Bloodhammer + King Highforge might be a bit of a problem…

Glaycion won’t be too much of a problem on defense due to mana cost, and won’t be used much on offense because divines are too fast.

The new Mercys though are going to shift things. Tai-Pan -> Yao Guai already seems like a nightmare to me.

Yea, Bloodhammer is who i am the most worried about. The explosion from multiple Doomskulls, means you dont really need a mana generator on your team, plus his damage is boosted by Doomskulls created which do extra damage by themselves.

As far as Yao Guai, yes he is an absolute monster, and my new fav troop since released. In my option he is tied as the single Strongest troop in the game standing toe to toe with Infurnus

OH NO a new meta, I was sort of hoping it’d be Nyxbringer forever.

On a serious note, I think this is going to make more people realize Ishbaala’s been the lowkey best team for a long time.

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Warhound + Elemaugrim.

I think the explosions is more a problem than the skulls themselves.


So far I’ve had no problem dealing with DooMSkullS! I’m glad there here and looking forward to building a skull spam team! lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I will continue to spam my Divine team, especially after that new weapon was introduced this week. Ketras is eating everything Infernus doesn’t want. :smirk: