Are those doomskulls really necessary?

Are those doomskulls really necessary? Since they came in the game it’s more of a lottery to win a game.
Were is the fun in that? Throw them back out, it will make the game more fun again and less of a lottery. That way there will be once more be a bit more strategy needed to win a game than dumb luck…


There coming a whole new kingdom about doomskulls. This Friday.

I recategorized this to gameplay chat, as you’re…well…chatting about gameplay, not reporting a bug.

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Sorry my mistake.

Really??? Is that really necessary?
I’m still wondering who came up with the stupid idea of doomskulls… and now there gonna dedicate a whole kingdom to it?
Why, why, why???

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“Gems of War” is a successor of “Puzzle Quest” series in a way. And there are doomskulls in this series from the beginning. So doomskulls were planned to be here as well.


It’s not because those things are or were in an other game they “must” be in this.

theoretically no, but they were being prepared too long.

Aha, so even if it’s a bad idea it must go on because it has been prepared?
Sorry but I don’t see the logic in that. If, in my profession, I have prepared something and it looks like it is a bad idea I simply throw it out and try to make something better.

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They don’t bother me, especially because the AI doesn’t seem to know they exist. It’ll frequently ignore the Doomskulls to make a regular skull match.


Just wait tomorow when only doomskulls on the board, they probably won’t ignore them :slight_smile:

If you didin’t see salty stream yet, take a look and tell me you not worried

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We will probably not see too much of it tomorrow, rather next week with the new kingdoms event week, when more of the Doomskull hardhitters get into circulation.

Developers don’t think it was a bad idea, obviously.

Replace Sheggra in the Maw team with Bloodhammer. :grimacing:



Salty’s stream was kind of gross. I think part of the problem is the devs aren’t really “players” in the same sense as a lot of us. What do I mean?

Salty was laughing at how nuts Doomskulls were the entire time. She seemed to have a lot of fun. Since she was doing PvP and some of the questline, it was all low-stakes. In that context, it is really fun (to some people) to have weird, explody matches where the world changes in an instant. This is how devs test the game: low-stakes matches where a loss only results in a tiny fraction of lost time.

She didn’t try to help her guild meet a Raid Boss or Invasion score. She didn’t try to get a winning score in Guild Wars. She didn’t try for the PvP leaderboard. She didn’t try for the Raid/Invasion/Bounty leaderboards. She didn’t try to beat a pet rescue in 10 minutes because she’s at work and had to wait for a break. She didn’t play in a situation where she only has 30 minutes per day and has to figure out how to meet trophy requirements for a guild. These are all scenarios that players face where “explody, swingy matches” are very frustrating, because even having a well-prepared team is not enough to make sure your very limited time/sigils are spent well.

If Gems of War was just PvP and just Explore, Doomskulls would be really fun and probably more well-received. But an increasing amount of GoW is competitive, and requires reliable wins to stay afloat. That’s the part of GoW the devs don’t experience and I think the increasing frustration in the playerbase is a side effect.




Well after trying king and glaycion i wonder why bone dragon been nerfed

Clearly the game is broken lol

At one point they cared about balance lol.

They should bring back the old Bone Dragon as a Mythic or something.


But instead of normal skulls he should create Michael Bay skulls now!