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Warlord & Titan Class issue

Ok look we need more options in are game experience with are hero class having two classes of the same type and talents is not fun the Warlord and Titain Class are both for Giant! Why?!? Plus they both have same talents, i think you’ll need to keep Titain Class for Giant and make Warlord Class for Wargare with new talents.

Sadly this is the lazy “design” initiative that gems is now famous for. If u expect bug fixing, creative updates or general common sense (as specified in your post) then I am afraid ur in the wrong game. Unless it’s generating revenue they don’t care. If it isn’t generating revenue, they don’t care.

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Warlord was one of the 1st class to be released. So they thought that Giant was okay (which it was).
Then they added Titan and it is quite obvious that it should be Giant because.
And devs don’t like to change things because there are always some players that could like things and who are going to disappointed, blablabla.

But yeah Warlord should be an Elemental: no class is Elemental and it fits Broken Spires.