Tower Invasion Event... my pet peeves

Going into this new invasion event, the first thing I did was put a Siegebreaker on my team. For this event, we’re only limited to Giant troop types. “Wow, no kingdom or color or troop role restrictions, woohoo!” Yeah. Okay.


Here we are with our Siegebreaker…


He’s a Giant. Not an Elemental. And he’s from Broken Spire. In fact, Stormheim doesn’t even have a Siegebreaker. They keep releasing these invasion events with new weapons, but meanwhile, there are six kingdoms still without Siegebreaker troops (Darkstone, Ghulvania, Silverglade, Sin of Maraj, Stormheim, and Zhul’Kari).

Giant troops from Broken Spire: 11
Hero class: Warlord (Type: Giant)
Elementals from Broken Spire: 18

Giants from Stormheim: 17
Hero class: Titan (Type: Giant)
Elementals from Stormheim: 13

So… going into this event, we definitely want to use our SIEGEBREAKER GIANT from Broken Spire. And here are the traits for Warlord class:

Meanwhile, the Titan giant class from Stormheim has these traits:

As you can imagine, we probably want to use Titan, not Warlord. And of course… let’s look at our new weapon:


First off, whoever designed this, doesn’t appear to know what a Crown is. Here’s a hint, one of these is not like the others:

Second, our new weapon… uh, wait, does it share the EXACT same colors as our invasion troop? Facepalm.


And because we are using the Titan class for the 50% mana start but forced to use the only siegebreaker troop available, we end up with this stupid pet bonus situation:

Now… I could just make my entire team from Broken Spire:

But it is much better to have 4 unique troops than 2 troops from each kingdom:

Bonus Unique Troops Kingdom Attack Life Armor
Lord of the Spire 2 Broken Spire 6
Kingdom Team Bonus IV 2 Broken Spire 9 3
Lord of Giants 2 Stormheim 6
Kingdom Team Bonus IV 2 Stormheim 9 3
Total 0 30 6
Bonus Attack Life Armor
King of the Spire 4 Broken Spire 6 18
Kingdom Team Bonus IV 4 Broken Spire 3 21 9
Total 9 39 9


  1. It’s really dumb to restrict an invasion to just Giants when the only Giant siegebreaker is from Broken Spire, and Broken Spire has vastly more Elemental troops than Giant troops, which significantly limits the pool of troops that you can make a team out of that is strictly Giants from Broken Spire (case in point: the two mythics from Broken Spire are Elemental/Beast and Divine/Elemental. Not Giants.)
  2. It’s really dumb to release a new weapon that shares the exact same mana colors as the only Siegebreaker in the event that the weapon is being released in. You know we’re going to be using a Siegebreaker for the invasion event, and you know it’s Red/Brown, so why would you make the new weapon also Red/Brown?
  3. There are 15 troops that give 40-50% mana starts to various troop types. There are another 3 classes that do this. One of those is Mechanist, which is the only way to give a Mechs 50% mana start. Another is the Shaman, which gives Tauros troops 50% mana start. However, King Minos also gives Tauros troops a 50% mana start. And the Mechanist class is the only Mech class. If you’re using a Mech team, there’s no other Mech class to choose from. But for Giants, there’s both Warlord from Broken Spire and Titan from Stormheim. The Warlord class is awful, whereas Titan class is necessary, because there’s no other 50% mana start for Giants. So of course players are going to be using Titan over Warlord.
  4. Why aren’t the remaining six kingdoms without Siegebreakers getting them? Come on… fill in the missing spots.
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Crown of Horns is just the name of the visual corolla with … spiky horns on the top of the mace
Anyway Invasion always belong to type troop EVENT, we cant pair TROOP type with KINGDOM cause we always had unbalanced ‘TROOP TYPE = KINGDOMs’

I agree with you to see more “SIEGEBREAKER (same type)” but from different Kingdom.
An eventual Stormheim Siegebreaker was a missed opportunity indeed

Info: Pridelands got one for Raksha and one for Beast

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It’s themed:

  • Raid Boss is kingdom based. There’s a Godslayer for each kingdom, you can take all troops belonging to the featured kingdom into the event.
  • Invasion is tribe based. There’s a Siegebreaker for each tribe, you can take all troops belonging to the featured tribe into the event.

Technically we are still missing a Siegebreaker from some of the more exotic tribes, like Gnome, Hero, Boss or Tower. I don’t think there are any plans to add those, such a troop limitation for Invasion battles would be outright awful.

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Really? There are two Elemental siegebreakers:


There are two Fey siegebreakers:


There are THREE Knight Siegebreakers:


So… you wanna try that again?

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The Knight ones are a Copy & Paste error that never got corrected, Sir Mordayne is supposed to be Daemon only, Sir Wulfric is supposed to be Wargare only. The Elemental ones are due to Nexus, the kingdom release design called for a Bounty, Raid Boss and Invasion event, so they opted to throw in Water Weird as second Elemental Siegebreaker because all spots were already taken. Good catch on the Fey ones, I don’t know what happened there.

Eir Stoneshatter was released during a week where the troop restrictions prevented the use of Old Man Oakroot but also while there were Tower enemies during that Campaign Event. (If I recall correctly, the restriction was Blue + Glacial Peaks.)

I don’t have a rational explanation for Water Weird – it was the troop released during the campaign when Nexus debuted and during the week where the Campaign Event was your garden-variety Elemental Invasion.

The Knights have been adequately explained above, so I won’t repeat that here.

And I would expect another Construct-type Siegebreaker in a few weeks when Hellcrag undoubtedly gets an Invasion event of its’ own. Because reasons.

Every kingdom doesn’t require a Siegebreaker the way they would a Godslayer because of the nature of that event. But I’d also point out that it probably isn’t optimal to try and force your entire team to be from the same kingdom. Yes, you get some additional bonuses, but you also straitjacket yourself to an extent by passing up certain troops to do so. And you probably shouldn’t require those bonus stats unless you’re buying tons of sigils and playing the event at a very high level.

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