Weekly events and heroes

OK, in retrospect I might have been able to test this before now but I rather forgot. This week’s events give a bonus to all Broken Spire troops, and all Giants. It came to mind that the Warlord class can make your hero a Giant from Broken Spire. I thought heroes might be a special exempt case, but I simply had to try.

Turns out about the weirdest way possible, actually. The answer is both yes and no. Specifically I am getting the Giant bonus for using the third perk, but I’m not getting the Broken Spire bonus even though the team is getting Lord of the Spire for having two Spire troops.

I’m honestly not sure if heroes are supposed to get event bonuses or not, it could be argued either way, but half and half is wrong regardless.


I believe this is a known issue that should be fixed in the next update. I’ll double check with the team later.


Interesting. For event bonuses the racial applies and the kingdom doesn’t, but for Nature’s Wrath the racial doesn’t count. Obviously heros continue to interact weirdly with events.

your hero doesnt have adana emblem on (bottom right edge)

im not sure how it works but should it be applied if/after you level the mechanist class to level 20?

For clarity, that’s not my hero it is the opponent. They’re racially identified as a mech at the bottom of the card meaning they picked the third perk of the class, but you can see on the right that the mech hero doesn’t qualify as a mech kill for the weekly event.

thought you meant the kingdom, not race, my bad

hero race not applying towards event points is a known issue