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Invasion and Raid Troop Changes

So many invasion and raid troops as we know are useless after the weekly event. It’s a shame because some of the artwork is really good on these troops. What if these troops could be changed to do tower and boss damage to the hero as well. The hero is now being used more than ever and in most situations is very powerful and a pain to deal with. Especially in GW. I’d like to see these troops become more viable than just a weekly event.


This would be absolutely brutal. I am fully on board. The hero has amazing superpowers now, and it would be good for the balance of the game for them to have such a terrible weakness.


What about:

  • All non-Hero troops in PvP Defense gain the Tower troop type.
  • All Hero troops in PvP Defense gain the Boss troop type.

That way we’ll get some consistent use out of every Godslayer and Siegebreaker. To discourage 4x stacking, the damage bonus could only apply if the team assembled around the Godslayer or Siegebreaker fulfilled the relevant restrictions during that troop’s Raid or Invasion week respectively.


A fully ascended Godslayer/Siegebreaker currently does close to 200 damage to vulnerable troops. Maybe I’m missing something here, you are really proposing the attacking party should be able to one-shot any defending troop in PvP? And it’s only the attacker that benefits, the defender will keep doing minor damage, even when using the same team setup?

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Yeah… about that.

The defender will keep playing in that hypertension-inducing way where the defender’s Infernus loops perfectly to kill all 4 of your troops after you’ve taken out 2 of the defender’s troops.

Or, the defender will trigger a 21 turn loop with 3x Goblins and 1x Siren. After you’ve taken about 2 loops, the defender will then take a 42 turn loop.

Any other questions?

So this isn’t really a feature request, just disguised rant about RNG unfairness? I guess I should have seen it coming, in hindsight your proposal was just too wonky for anybody seriously considering it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

For you, yeah.

It’s telling that you have absolutely nothing of substance to contribute to the thread beyond a hilarious bad faith reading and a thinly veiled personal attack. Stick to the topic, or don’t… actually, on hindsight, your reply was just too much of a joke for anybody seriously considering it.

I think they should be switched to the currently implemented Slayer traits and triple damage against one type after their week is up. For instance, Wazir with Elemental Slayer and his spell doing triple damage to Elementals- Not super useful on every team, granted, but still above the power curve when facing Infernus or Humility-based teams.

Having dozens of troops that just do one-shot damage to the hero is redundant and would be irritating. Having troops behave significantly differently on attack vs. on defense is just poor design.


I agree with the one shot part. Maybe they could set the cap damage at 3x after the event? Anything would be better than the current state.

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I really like the idea of making these troops more versatile after their week is up. One thing worth noting: dungeon bosses all have the “boss” type, so your godslayers do have a bit more shelf life. If you’re high level, not so much, but for low level, they can be the difference between clearing the dungeon and only beating the first battle.

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Nice idea. If it’s overpowered, they could just do (say) double damage against heroes.