An Elemental Hero Class Would Be Broken!

LOL It would be insanely cheap and unfair, it’s why we don’t have it, and probably won’t get it. LOL

People said Divine troops were insanely cheap and unfair and look at them now. Nothing really changed either.

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I don’t understand your stance at all. Just being an elemental wouldn’t make it good, it would depend on the traits, talents, and supplementally the class weapon.

As an aside, we won’t be getting any new hero classes likely for a while. There aren’t any planned now that every kingdom has one.

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What could go wrong with elemental hero, forest troll, truffle shuffle, maraji? where a single match of any multitude of colors ends the game for the opponent. Oh, not much different than now you say?

not really no. You can do all of that without said elemental hero already.


An easy way to give us hero classes for the neglected Elemental, Wargare, and Construct types (and rebalance the existing ones in one swoop) would be to make some of the weaker existing classes dual-typed. Something like:

Warlord: giant/elemental;
Warden: beast/wargare;
Diabolist and/or Sorceror: daemon/construct;

could be fun and consistent with existing themes.


No love for the Gnome :frowning:

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I absolutely agree. This would take little work for the developers but would add a ton to the game.

I would argue that all classes and all mythics should have double troop typing. But, at a minimum, the weaker hero classes should be buffed with additional troop types. The hero troop typing does nothing so why is it in the game?

Although an anti-Hero troop/weapon would be very interesting.


Turn the hero into a boss like the boss it is. :mage:


Earthcaller would love that.

Earthcaller sounds great.