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War teams? Do you have one?

I really finding nothing good with The Mythic War Troop i have 2 if thats useful ;D

Crucial information is do you have him fully traited or not.

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I love my War Dragon team (though there are better teams made with better cards):


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Nice! War’s my only mythic and I’ve had him since week one. Realized I’ve never used him last week and finally built a team. Similar to yours but swapped in Kraken for BD. SeaWar I call it and I find it really fun! I better give this BD team a try before they nerf him though, thanks for the suggestion!


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Thanks guys they work good im not looking for fastest team just some variation, and i only have his first trait.

I wanted to recomend BD/war combo too. Because attack gain and ingore armor makes war a very strong troop in that combo.

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If you’re doing one of these looping teams, 3rd trait doesn’t gain you that much. And with the number of skulls BD creates, the second one probably doesn’t matter either. I’m curious if putting a fully traited Jarl in slot number 4 synergizes because of War’s first trait… War completely blocks his spell though. Could be fun. Thanks for the thread.

War plays nice with a knight team so you can pair him with Khorvash or queen ysabelle.


Or swap Ysabelle for an empowered troop such as mercy or Elspeth

Nice to see a thread about War. I’ve been trying to come up with something to do with him for a while. As a small aside, his name is somewhat problematic when searching these forums as well as the wider web because his name is in the game’s title. Oh well. :slight_smile:

The suggested teams here are interesting. I’ve tried something similar to the BD build but with Keeper of Souls, valk and apothecary. It’s alright but I haven’t traited War yet so I’m not getting the benefits of having him in front just yet.

I heard tacet mention in one of his videos that War is often used as a caster where the goal is to buff his attack and then nuke the opposition with his skill. I wanted to explore this and came up with something that seems to be pretty powerful, however I haven’t fully leveled all troops yet so I can’t say for sure. Anyway, the team is as follows:

Winter Wolf

Valk does her thing, filling up Justice and the others. Justice hopefully loops with himself, healing Valk up front as well as boosting everyone’s attack (good for skull spam as well as, of course, War’s skill). Winter Wolf freezes the first enemy as well as places hunter’s mark on them. Double skull damage from the Mark isn’t bad at all, especially after a few attack-boosting Justice casts, which are themselves boosted by the frozen enemy. Additionally, Winter Wolf often creates a couple of extra blue gems which is useful. After a couple of turns War’s attack is kinda high making his ability really powerful, often oneshotting whatever he targets.

At first I used Justice in the first slot, thinking his Armored trait would come in handy. However, his skill boosts all other allies and not himself, and so his attack remains low which I didn’t like. I also don’t really like using Valk up front but Justice helps keeping her alive and over the course of a game, generally creates more blue gems than Valk does anyway, so I’m not too worried about that.

I would replace Winter Wolf with a fully traited Queen Mab for more damage output and more frozen enemies but I don’t have her yet. I’ve also considered Ice Golem instead of the wolf but he is completely mana blocked by War unless I place him above War but… I dunno.

Thoughts or suggestions are very welcome.

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If you have jarl that is all traited and will trait War’s 2nd trait, try this team.


This team use war’s 1st and 2nd trait.
Go hellcat first and do burn enemies then skull them.
I like this team very much.
More safe, but slow team can be made


I’m using hellcat, mercy, courage and war. It’s pretty easy to get courage up and if the board allows war. There’s usually two options here, you either cast war to set everyone on fire unless some are fireproof, and then keep casting courage on skulls. I originally had two courage but swapped one for war and its pretty good fun. Occasionally I don’t get to cast him until the end or even at all but it’s worth a try and I’ll check out the other teams. Personally I only traited him once.

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I’m running

Deep Borer (fully traited)
Star Gazer (fully traited)

Not as flexiable without a Hellcat, but at least you get souls.

New player here and pulled WAR 2 days ago, my first mythic…searching forums, love your team

Though I also have krystenax so I chg it a bit

I’m using: WAR, Kryst, Valk & Kraken (sometimes another, 4th pretty interchanging)

Love it so far! Trying to trait WAR though is rough!