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Any useful teams for Abhorath in the present state of the game?

Every once in a while I’ll go through my cards just to see if there is anything interesting that I never use. Lo and behold Abhorath is the first card on my collection list. I never really put it to use because 1) there’s always teams that capture my fancy at any given time so it just slipped through the cracks and 2) it’s artwork kind of scared the crap outta me. Anyways, do any of you veterans have him in any decent teams that you currently use or is he just one of those cards that just isn’t useful anymore? Thanks for any help.

Been playing about 4 years and can’t remember if he was ever useful. I don’t think that has changed, either. Destroying all gems on the board would be amazing, but removing them is pretty worthless.

Maybe with a Madness storm running to fill himself quickly and maybe some others behind, but even then, there are better options.


It was decent in the early stages of the game when damage output was low from skulls and magic. (pre-traits)

My biggest problem with the troop is a lack of Skull Reduction, making it pointless for it to heal to full when one skull cascade will end it quickly.

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I can. He never was. Don’t even try it.

Hypothetically, your best option with that is if you have a storm on the board and their whole team is frozen so they can’t capitalize on Abhorath giving them some dumb moves. By the time you set up all that, you could be using literally any other troop.


Alright, thanks for the advice, guys. I just thought there was a combination he can fit into.

Buff his life so when he fully heals he has tons. Pair with one or more of the following: Divinia, Shahbanu, Yasmine’s Pride, Emperor Liang, Queen Aurora. That might do something.

Would be slow as :poop: though.

And as others have said, the setup’s not really worth it, or much fun. Plenty of other troops can do the exact same thing more efficiently.


He’s like playing Poker. If you are playing 5 card poker and need to exchange 3 cards. Just fold. :slight_smile:

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