Queen Aurora (yes i need 15 characters for the title so now i'm typing the hell out of this title! :D)

Hi all you loveable people, i need some advice from y’all…

So i pulled my 2nd ever mythic this week, being Queen aurora! God, who doesn’t love unicorns!?

I checked her ability and her trait, and this troop seems like a great mana-support troop. Beefin up all your other troops while filling them up with mana with no effort due to her 3rd trait…

But what would be a decent team to use her in?
I’ve seen Tacet’s video, but it’s and old cast from when the troop was introduced, so much has chenged since then that i can’t really make out a decent team so far…

any suggestions?

Like you said, it’s a great support troop that gives a lot of mana and can keep your troops alive and protected.
You don’t build a team around her tho, you build her into your team, generally in last slot.
Add a gem converter and two huge damage dealers and you got yourself a solid team.

So if i understand you correct, simply use her when needed

For example, building a “beast team”
Or use her to fill up a slot that doesn’t have a better option

Any team that’s built around 3 cards instead of 4 can slot Aurora at the bottom of the stack, and she’ll make the team better no matter what it is.

The Possessed King is basically the same, just even moreso than Aurora.

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Yeah, she’s like TPK. Once you have three troops in place, but you’re wondering, “What goes 4th?” Queen Aurora and The Possessed King are almost always “a good answer”. Sometimes there are better answers, but these troops’ value is that they’re almost always never a bad answer as a 4th troop.

Note that QA loses a lot of utility when stunned, so keep that in mind when examining matchups.

thats a very good point, i havent thought about it (the stunning part)

So that would make queen aurora alot better as a “filler-troop” in a team that could also make sure it’s blessed