Queen Aurora - Guardian Unicorn - Cleanse?

Could Queen Aurora get Cleanse all allies in her spell as well? :blush:


I agree that as defensive/support troops goes it wouldn’t hurt to give her spell more utility, specially because it needs 24 manas.

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And misfiring happens even at 14-16 gems of a color on the board. Perhaps she could given life to herself and get barrier too?

Perhaps she could get cleanse on her spell, but there’s no way she’s getting self-barrier, nor would the proposed cleanse affect her either.

That’s supposed to be the trade-off for being the only troop in the game with an all-color mana link (essentially haste), in that in exchange she is intentionally extraordinarily squishy and that her spell intentionally does not affect her.

All the troops that need a buff, why are we talking about an already solid troop?