A New Mythic Approaches - Queen Aurora

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New Mythic: Queen Aurora

Mythical Pony
I used to wonder about the RNG
Mythical Pony
Until I pulled her from a Glory Key
24 Mana
Tons of fun
43 points of Heart
Faithful and strong
30 Armor,
Yellow, purple, green
12 Magic makes her all complete
You have a mythical pony
Do you know you’re all my very best friends?

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Let the crazy mana acceleration… begin!!!


Can anyone confirm it is really available now? Don’t want to waste all my resources on nothing.
There’s no news about the new mythic in game.


this troop looks fun :smiley:

Can confirm it’s in chests, I pulled one right as it became available and players all through global are starting to get her.


Yup, people in global are getting her.

EDIT: Just got her myself, 500 odd glory keys, and 100 gem keys to get her (obtained from Gem chests)

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Thanks @Saltypatra. I have pulled one myself meanwile.
2000 glory, 400 guild and 150 gem keys to find her.

Good luck everyone!

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Stopped at 300 VIP chests and however may gem keys I had on hand. Did not pull her.

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I (only) just thought of something, if this troop is the Queen… does that mean she’s Elspeth’s mother?! O.o
Confirm/deny? @Nimhain @Saltypatra @Sirrian


20 glory keys, 1k glory on keys and 10 VIP chests but didn’t get her.

Yeah Nim tooottally confirmed that in the office today. That’s exactly what @Nimhain intended. @Nimhain. @Nimhain.


I confirm deny these false allegations!

Take your fanfic-ish dreams in the sunlight!

Edit: Remember Salty I can take way your powers…


If you want her to take the fanfic-ish dreams away, you’re gonna have to explain how she’s the Queen of Silverglade and NOT Elspeth’s mother :stuck_out_tongue:


See I told you!

I’ll be good I promise. I’ll try at the very least.


372 gem keys, 2624 glory keys and 14K gems later I am out of resources… And no Queen Aurora… :frowning:

maybe she is only queen of the unicorns tribe in the siklverglade and actual queen of silverglade simply wouldnt ever bother to go in combat :stuck_out_tongue:

5k glory keys = nothing.

Switched to gem keys, got 1 after 750.

Not bad, but equally not good …

15k gems, 7k seals, 1500 glory keys, still nothing. I didn’t even get Summer Imp out of all those.


I think Silverglade just doesn’t like me. 1000 glory keys and then 5000 glory 900 gem and NOTHING… Not even the Krys so I can get 5 stars…

Though I get 6250 souls for the disenchants


obvious troll*

OK, team just got the mythic added to the chests. Try again lol