One small dillema (voting)


I have little problem with choice… and maybe GoW Veterans will help me choose next Mythic Troop, please and very thank you all for voting and all suggests :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

  • Jontar Stormshield
  • Voice of Orpheus
  • Queen Aurora
  • Scorpius
  • Undine

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You need to craft what suits your play style. I love the giants and believe they are an under utilized race, Jotnar is a decent dmg dealer, especially in an all giant team, and his Third trait, barrier random ally on 4/5 matches, can literally be a life saver.

Hope that helps.
Happy Hunting!!


Of the ones you’ve listed, for all-around utility, I think Queen Aurora is your best bet. A lot of folks seem to think she’s worthless, but in my opinion they don’t know how to play her.


And she was very upset about it. But still, i couldn’t help myself and asked “Why the long face?”… I couldn’t walk for two weeks after her kick.

Lesson learned, don’t play with ponies, they are not horsing around…


You know what they say about Sparkle Ponies.

I would say some of the most ‘popular’ or utility troops as River has put it are Queen Aurora and Scorpius. The others, especially Undine, have spells and mechanics that are a bit more complicated and need more consideration with team composition. So perhaps base your decision on whether you would like a mythic as an all rounder/you have less mythics or you’d like to experiment with a certain playstyle.


I bridled when I first read your post, but then I reined myself in. I felt saddled with the responsibility of constructing a suitable reply, then realized you were just trying to stirrup trouble. So I am departing for a more stable environment.

(Thank you, @Razzagor! At last, a worthy opponent!)


Queen Aurora is my personal pick. She’s really useful, and super pretty.


There is only one obvious choice in my opinion, Queen Aurora.


From that list, I would go with Queen Aurora without blinking. She is less niche and fits in more teams than the others.


I actually quite like Jotnar. Before I realized how good Ketras is I use to use Jotnar in pet rescues.


I was torn between 2 of the ones you listed. Queen aurora 3rd trait is very nice but Undine is an amazing troop for blue gw defense and offense both. Either would be a good choice.


None of the above is missing, save your 4000 diamonds for a good mythic.


Representing Stormheim, obviously voting for the Stormlord!
But looking at the list of votes. people give you good advice.


I originally voted Queen Aurora as I agree on the utility front.

But there’s an even better reason to craft Jotnar. Stormheim will be able to go to 11 stars in September, but only if you have the Kingdom mythic, Jotnar.


That mana acceleration on Aurora is stronger than anything else there. Basically lets you charge any of those 15- or 16-cost leads in two matches instead of three (with the right banner), but that’s power.


I must be one of those who don’t know how to use aurora as I only use her in 1 or 2 teams. I choose undine only because I’m envious of those who have him. You know, “grass is always greener…” and “wanting what we can’t have…”


Aurora is good for that extra mana on loop teams . But it’s just a little bonus for a mighty mythic.
Wouldn’t waste the diamonds crafting.


I would had gone with Queen Aurora.


Well, you want a support type character, go with queen Aurora. If you mainly use merfolk, use Undine, and if you use giants get Stormshield. Only get Scorpius of you have a good poison team, because he can 1HKO the bottom 2 creatures if they’re poisonable (1-shot though). Just skip on the Voice of Orpheus. Queen Aurora fits better into teams than the other mythics.


Jotnar will be useful in an upcoming event and help Stormheim get to 10+ stars.