One small dillema (voting)


I have all of those and I only semi-regularly use Queen Aurora - she’s on my green GW team. I used Scorpius for a while, but with so many impervious troops around, he’s less useful.

I would probably just save the diamonds, none of those are a must have IMO.


ok Ladies and Gentlemen :wink: I close voting, and so Queen Aurora wins and is my next mythic troop which will create in the forge. Very very very thank You all for voting,all suggested, discusion… and general interesing this topic. I very appreciate fact that you all helped me for my choice. Biggest likes :+1: and hearts :sparkling_heart: for you all. Terrorist still Loving :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


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Poor orpheus


Damn, very short vote window!

I’d have gone for Scorpius, combine it with Magnus and you can wipe out 50% of the enemy team very fast…


Poor Orpheus…


so, I thinking why Orpheus have 0% votes :question::question: ,+/- this is a good troop,Human, Impervious, cleans allies,alternative for Infernus when you dont have he, gives all alies 5 mana, deal damage and Gain 1 magic for every your spell. Very interesting situation. :thinking::thinking::thinking: I must make reconnaissance :wink:


He doesn’t impacts the battle a lot i guess, it’s nice to have cleasing very often, but Ishbaala already does this, and now with Divinia we need less colors, trade damage for life gain for all allies and random buffs that are great 99.9% of the time (the only 0.1%, maybe even less, is when you submerge someone and the enemy have a Mosassauros to devour it).

Orpheus is now a “Trophy Husbando” and fuel for @Saltypatra’s NSFW fanfics. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




I hate voice of Orpheus he is very low impact there are other troops that are much better. No one in my guild ever use him and I have only seen him in a handful of defenses and those defense where a cakewalk.