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Bug Report: Queen Aurora

So my Warded Queen Aurora just got Death marked.

Luckily she didn’t die, so I don’t know if it’s just a graphics glitch or what, but seems like she should have been immune.

She’s stunned, that disables Warded


Duh. Thank you. I’m so used to Impervious that I forgot Warded doesn’t stop stun.


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I will take advantage of this already created thread to report that effectively it exists a bug with Queen Aurora.

It surprises me that it hasn’t been reported until now taking in consideration that this troop has months on circulation:

The Rainbow Link trait doesn’t work. Nothing at all; I tried to see if this problem was because of the device I was using but it was the same problem on the Android phone, PC, tablet and Andoid emulator.

Supposedly Rainbow Link makes Queen Aurora gain Mana from every gem match it is made (barring skulls), so the trait activates when doing so, however the troop doesn’t fill its mana.

This makes a game breaker support troop into an almost useless and very traistone expensive deadweight, I would really hope that your support staff fix this issue.

It costed me a lot of work to collect all the traitstones needed for unlock Rainbow Link and was a big turn down to discover that didn’t work.

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Rainbow trait work fine, it’s not suppose to fill himself unless it’s in first position. It only mean if you match any 3 gems of any color it will count for 4 and maybe 6 depending of your flag

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¿So it needs to be on the first position to work?; Somebody wouldn’t wait that from the trait description; Also the fact that it activates every time that a gem match it’s made, independently from the position of the troop

It work like every other link, earth, air,water,fire etc if you got that link and someone with same color in front of that troop it will fill the first troop

No sir, I tried to put the troop on the first place and still doesn’t work; To be honest it didn’t ocurr to me to try that but now that I tried the strait still doesn’t work correctly for me.

What color did you try to match? And what is your flag?

If you can make a video it will be easier to see what happen

I tried wih every color on the board just with Queen Aurora alone; It just fills when matching her own colors; I used the brown with blue banner but I don’t think the banner is relevant for this problem.

Lol of course it just fill when you use her color, what do you expect? Matching brown and still fill her?

Well, yes, that’s what Rainbow Link does.

No rainbow mean you get + 1 gems of the color you match but if you don’t use any troop of that color it wont fill any troop

Well, shit, I have made a big, terrible misunderstandment on how does the troop works; Thanks for taking the time for explaining it to me.

No prob sorry if it wasn’t clear, english isn’t my first language. Im glad you understand now :slight_smile:

On the bright side, you won’t regret traiting Queen Aurora. She is a great support troop that can make many decks faster and more effective.

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I use Aurora on all 3 of her colour GW days. Using her is like lowering the mana cost of your entire team.

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