Queen Aurora skill 3 not working (Not a bug)

Queen Aurora’s rainbow link is not working at all

Or is it…?

Care to elaborate?
Off the top of my head I would predict that, if that was the case, then Queen Aurora might have probably been stunned… Anyhow, please explain and provide video for further analysis :slight_smile:

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You most likely misunderstand how the trait works, it increases base mana gained from all color matches from 3 to 4.
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Edit: More precisely, whenever you make a match that grants mana, you get one extra mana of that color on top.

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I took a Video, Arcane and rainbow link are triggered, no mana generated. If rainbow link is as what you said , why it’s triggered on every match ?

Please see above video

Please see above video

The first match made is a match-3 purple that mana surges — which should double the mana generated from 3, to 6.

Your troll ends the turn with 7 mana.

6 + 1 (the extra granted by Queen Aurora) = that 7.

I agree, if by “all,” you assumed you’d generate a mana for Aurora during every match made in the game, ally or enemy—but that would be unlike anything seen anywhere else in the game, whereas her current trait is named “rainbow link” and works very similar to traits like “water link” and such.

Edit: It helps if, when taking videos, you slow the speed of the game down so people can better see what’s going on.

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It did get generated, mana is assigned top to bottom. Looking at your first match, the generated purple mana went to Sea Troll, it only passes through to Queen Aurora once Sea Troll is filled up.

It’s not triggered on every match, just on red, blue, green, yellow, purple and brown matches. Skulls don’t qualify as gems, they don’t generate mana.

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Explained here also by Mithran