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Post about your new BFF troops

Ok, sometimes we rediscover an obscure or unused troop, and have decent success and fun.
Like how @KrudlerTheHorse used Snowy Owl.

So, what troops have you guys been toying with?

I’ll start.
I’ ve reintroduced the good old Dust Devil in some of my teams, and, oh my! I love it.
I think we underestimed how much troop order is important in many meta teams and how quickly they crumbled once you mess with it.

Also, Keeper of Souls… really strong if you have a more strategic style, and the 50% summon is cool.


I never stopped using KoS with the right team… But a troop i only just started using is sekhma


Just wondering about KoS: do you try to pair some attack control (like Sylva) or just a heavy hitter (like say Orion)

I often switch up Dust Devil at the top of my Gard Team for yellow and brown GW days. It gives me 3 of each colored troop for more points, and nullifies that pesky Psion tank that we see so often. :wink:

I also love Anointed One, I truly believe he is far underrated. Pair him with a Queen Ysabelle and let the fun begin… :smiling_imp:


It’s always smart to have some control, like Sylva, but it really depends on your play style, for me, I tend to get more out of focusing on the heavy hitter that will benefit from the Skull Spam, and then something to increase said hitter like Courage. But those decks have been around a long time and Im sure I don’t need to explain how they work to you! :wink:

I use KoS in GW and i the interest of competition i wont disclose how… But he is very effective if used right…

I wouldnt give it to a 4 year old tho…

Dwarven Miner is an “Employee of the Month” all year around.
Generating mana plus some manipulation of the board working fine on my casual team “Dorfs”.


Forest guardian for me. Never got on with her, but then I recently stuck her in a team just to give hellcat a fast boost and now I love her. The cascades are crazy, and letting her cast before hellcat converts green into red is just so delectable that it makes me want to do a manic laugh like a cartoon evil genius.

Edit: yeah I know she’s hardly a slept-on troop, but she never made it into any team that I cared to use


Griffon Knight, armored + nimble makes him a great front troop, and with a low mana cost can take Psion head to head without having to worry too much about siphon, allowing you to skull distract vs psion teams. His yellow spawn feeds Forest Guardian.


Dwarven Miner is great. He’s basically Tyri as an Impervious common that can be used as a fodder blocker. I recall him (at least when the AI was using him) being able to destroy skulls after the rework, but it seems that is no longer the case by the time I got around to actually using him in some teams. Still a great underused troop.

Single target Exploders I’ve been playing with a lot recently as well. Using Golem to line up a blue cascade into a Lady Ironbeard cast is sublime. I think a lot of the single target exploders that also have a decent secondary effect are largely overlooked. If you take the time to stop and use them strategically, there are often a ton of possibilities.


Sunweaver is an often underutilized support troop.
Here is a great sturdy team that will take you a long way and it relatively easy to put together:

TANK of your Choice
Utility of your Choice

I ran this with Anointed one up top and KoS down below and it was a solid PvP, all purpose, Soul Farm team. Use the +2 yellow banner to fill Valk with 2 matches. :wink:


This is similar to one of my very first go-to teams so very long ago. Soothsayer in front allowed me to continually trade up on life and attack mana until KoS in the back was charged and I could wipe everyone out. Also used it with Boar Rider in front, Valk in front, or Skeleton in front.

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I could not agree more. One of the most over-looked mechanisms in terms of Board control.

I love your choice of words. Sublime indeed.

That’s me and Goblin Rocket + IK. I’m going to take your suggestion and take Golem and Lady IB out for a spin. thanks!

The Elven Bard does wonder for your Mythics. She basically gives 14 mana to Scorpius!
I like her with Ketras too.


Speaking of fodder blockers, Soothsayer is still one that I frequently use. One of the best underrated early game mana gatherers, especially when used up front and paired with a summoning troop. I use him to head up my dragon team on my low level account, and he generally greatly cuts the time it takes to get my first Dragon Soul cast. The key is to not cast him unless he will set up for at least a match 3 and to take the primary purple matches first otherwise. That way, nearly every board has enough mana to get started instead of having to wait and take non-optimal mana choices.


Yeah, i like Golem on my old build:

There are good teams not being “discovered” more often because sometimes we have no proper incentive for it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just the way things are with all intesive Explore Grinding/GW results/Trophies and all that literally conducting player’s effort towards the same goals. Well, recently GW defenses were improved at least…

Maybe a new rework on Arena, or maybe a similar game mode, drafting more than three cards would be cool in this sense. Imagine a poll of twelve cards or more, where you can only use the same card in two battles…

She is one of my favorites too, does a lot for a Rare and other support troops like Djinn surely could learn a thing or two with her… :sweat_smile:

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Sunsail… the next “WTF I can do all that for 9 mana” Troop

You heard it here first :stuck_out_tongue:

Webspiner/ Goblin Shaman / Sunsail / Soothsayer / Bear Banner is one of my newer funsies teams.

edit: this build is for fun… don’t try to be competitive lol it’s just for trying to get those sweet sweet Triple Skull damage shots and crippling teams that don’t use Green by overwhelming the board with pollution lol

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Best troop introduced in the last 3 months: Merlion

Most unjustly ignored Mythic: Ketras the Bull

Lifetime badass troop award: Krystenax

“Now I get it!” Special prize for popular troop I ignored too long: Ragnagord

Honorable mention for Meta busting: Keghammer

Ultimate grand prize goes to my waifu, Euryali :stuck_out_tongue:


Lady Ironbeard. She can either 1-hit or cripple, so long as she has more armor than the enemy. She gets dwarven Fortitude. And she gives herself armor every time she casts. Pair her with someone to armor spam, and she’s a tiny dwarven killing machine.

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