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Share your Abhorath team!


Shadow Hunter

Probably not the best but…still fun to play with!

Abhorath ***
Green Slime ***
Valkyrie ***
Keeper of Souls *


Very nice! Now I regret using all my stones on Shadow Hunter last week, I just missed Abhorath somehow…

Tacet’s deck was a deck everyone was talking about back when Green Slime was created, except none of us could trait Abhorath.

Templar was a pretty good replacement for him, but with the recent event, Abhorath can now take the lead !

I don’t think red/yellow banner is the best though. I’d pick either one of these colors with either blue or purple.

Red / Yellow is only meant for Valkyrie to charge out of 2 matches (with a surge). But that will also work with only one of these colors in the banner, so only one is needed, 2 seems like an overkill.

Blue helps as long as you have both Abhorath and Green Slime to feed (once Abhorath is dead, Valkyrie feeds Green Slime in a single 5-match with her Water Link).
Purple always helps, but when Green Slime is loaded, there are high chances that Abhorath is loaded too, so the purple banner will only serve Keeper of Souls.

So it’s all a matter of preferences.
Personnally, I go with purple / yellow.


With that Team it’s true that Purple seems redundant but it’s less so than Blue, or even Green, would be. I can also see Adana’s banner (Red/Yellow) not fully utilizing your Team’s strengths.

Divinion Fields (Purple/Yellow) or Ghulvania (Purple/Red) would work equally well, depending on what drops.

Is this team faster/better than the one with BD in it, instead of Abhorath?

I play this and fight anyone… Abhorath**,Alchemist***,Valkyrie*** and Celestasia. You get the the usual buff from Valk to feed your Abby but as you feed Valk with Alchem and Abby with Valk you also feed your Celest with the extra’s.

Come the time when you spin to recharge your life on Abby and neither Alc or Valk are charged there is Celest to not only perm boost your HP but add either purple or blue to the board which is often more than enough to get Abby full.

If Abby goes down you can often still salvage a game just with Cel filling the board with blue or yellows and building a stiff life total. I would be even happier when in the future I get her traited.

Still I will be trying your build Tacet :smiley:

What about Abhorath makes him so desirable to build a Team around?

My Team blazes through Abhorath Teams, doesn’t matter what position Abhorath is in either.

What is your main team @TaliaParks?


Currently it is;

Celestasia** (NEED that 3rd Trait to make her the perfect tank for this Team)
Bone Dragon**

with Khaziel’s banner

Bone Dragon and Sheggra work so well together that they can win matches even if the other 2 Troops get killed quickly.

Interesting. That is 3/4 of my lineup pre-patch. I was using Keeper of Souls in lieu of Bone Dragon.

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He’s supposed to be the perfect tank, since he heals and adds attack. His traits further complement him, since they are all based around adding stats, especially Huge which works best with transformers. and here lies the problem - the AI is particularly bad at handling transformers, so you can’t expect too much of him on defense.

Truth is, I’m not too impressed with him on invade teams either. I tried @Tacet’s team, and it is just way too slow compared to my current team. I suppose it’s mostly useful if you’re running a valk team anyway to farm souls (which I’m not).

The problem is that Abhorath in general is a slow troop that slowly builds up over time. It is a troop made to win hard rather than win fast. The only teams I ever use in this current meta is all true shot or full AoE with supports.

So it doesnt work as fast as if BD is in the soul farming team?

Crimson bat

Fun Team and fast. Valk powers abhorath and bat, gorgotha as second mana filler and tank if abhorath dies. One valk ability charges abhorath and bat, and both deal massive dmg. Use abhoraths ability to heal him if he gets dmg and use gorgotha if valk isnt ready…

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My Main Team for the longest time was;

Keeper of Souls

When Bone Dragon came out I switched my Team up to what it is now without knowing Celestasia is a pretty good Tank with Traits.

I just ran into a full Mythic Goblin/Goblin Rocket/Boar Rider/Goblin Shaman Team and beat them even though the game was dropping Purple/Green at a near 70% rate.

When I build up some souls, I might try

Giant Spider
Sea Troll

No spell damage at all, but could well pump Abhorath to obscene attack levels with all the transforming going on (that first trait paired with a transforming deck could make Abhorath’s spell almost irrelevant). This deck’s worst fears would be dhjl’s Stoneskin team, or Shadow Hunter.

That’s focusing way too much on Abho.
If he dies to a random unlucky early game, you’ll end up fighting with summoned Spider Swarms, no fun at all, I can tell…
Besides frozen is a hard counter to your deck, and you just can’t afford to see your Abhorath die.

Frozen is a hard counter to any transformation deck, as far as I know. That’s not a problem unique to what I posted above. When all goes well the AI should get very few chances to fill up on mana and cast a spell that could freeze one of the troops. You’re right about the deck revolving around Abhorath. If an unlucky start causes him (it?) to die, oh well.

It’s not a fast deck (unlike the quartet with Gorgotha and Crimson Bat earlier. Yeesh). Hopefully it would be fun to play, though.