Common Team Builds for Gems of War

Hi everyone,

I’m working on an article which outlines popular team builds in our community.
Here is the draft:

I would love to hear your suggestions and will make sure to thank our community in the article when it’s finished :slight_smile:

I’m looking for all sorts of team suggestions, but if you have suggestions of team builds for new players that would be great! I find this a little challenging as the types of troops new players can have in their collection is so varied.

Anyway, please let me know what you think!


I’d prefer if the devs didn’t promote Meta builds and instead encouraged out of the box team building with the new troops that come out weekly.

Common builds change all the time too, so the page would have to be constantly updated.

If this page is designed for new players, how are they reliably expected to have Infernus? Ubastet? Divine Protector?!? there’s a lot of old players that want that too. If this is for new players, teams that aren’t heavily based on mythics, legendaries or good traits would be a plus.

Also, I wouldn’t agree with banner choices and certain troop selections like that Sunbird, Rowanne team. Never understood why Sunbird/Rowanne became a popular thing. I get that some people swear by it, but its just not one of the better variants of that team in my opinion.

I approve of the Warlock/Valk Soul farming team and would add a Dragon Soul team of some sorts to the page, but that’s about as far as I’d want to see team builds. QoL builds, not common pvp stuff.

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Soul farming team:

Trident Banner
Giant Spider(*)

Golem’s second trait is important here, because it’s cheap and lets you ignore skulls on the board in favor of filling Giant Spider. Giant Spider then casts to fill the Wargs, who give souls and do more damage with each cast. It’s probably a bit slower than Valk+Druid, but it does work nicely.

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Thanks @TheIdleOne!
Do you have better banner suggestions or a better easy to build Traitstone farming team?

We have a separate article explaining the “principles” of good team building which I’m just waiting on final approval to publish, that article will link to this one where we show popular teams and outline why they work and what their strengths are to try to help players understand them and show those team building basic principles in action.

[quote=“me, elsewhere”]
For new players in particular, I can’t recommend looping teams enough. If you have Alchemist and Hellcat, you have two troops that feed each other, and you can just cycle back and forth casting the two forever (barring bad luck that prevents you from making a 4+ match from the transformation). The other closed pairs (at the moment) are Spirit Dancer/Giant Spider and Green Seer/Giant Spider. Once you have a looping duo, pair it with troops that get fed from the overflow. Goblins are a great choice because you can fire them off and not pass the turn.


Lantern Banner
Goblin Rocket
Goblin Rocket[/quote]

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Ubastet burns all enemies on 4-5 Gem matches
Not really…

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Also, I usually keep Valkyrie at the END of my Soul Farm Team.

For Traitstone Farming team, you could indicate that Rowanne is easily obtained from Forest of Thorns Questline; and I have found that (were they to have it) Bul’ Tauros can substitute on this team as well, albeit not as great as the others.

For Goblins, I think it’s MUCH more common to have Goblin Rocket than Goblin King (also much easier to obtain):
Having Goblin Rocket allows more board control, and further looping. While it is nice to have Goblin King as a back up Goblin Summoner, the point of Goblins seems to be to avoid damage in the first place, and Goblin Rocket not only keeps up the loop, but he also deals free damage while possibly exploding any Doomskulls (bigger explosions), skulls (destroy barriers or finish off weaker troops). Goblin Rocket is also useful for topping off any of your team that is nearly full, for instance, Nobend Brothers and Princess Fizzbang are both 2 to 3 mana from being full.

I think it would be hard to represent the Freeze team without recommending the “Justice League”:
image image imageimage
Basically, any Brown/Green troop would work upfront, like Soothsayer for lower players, Sylvanimora if you have it, or something like Emperor Khorvash, which is Blue/Brown allowing the use of the Lion Banner. I main the Khorvash, Valk, Justice, Mab, and it is very strong.

It might also be good to note THIS explore team as well:
Sunbird, Firebomb, Forest Guardian, Weekly Troop, that way you can explore AND take advantage of the weekly troops bonus. Forest Guardian’s last trait ensures that Sunbird starts with 50% mana, so one Firebomb typically fills it up.

Overall, great start.


Those help guides are supposed to be catering towards newer players, having anything like a Mythic troop or traits is a waste of space there. At the very least, all of these should be saying what is required to make the team.

For instance, Firebomb is useless without traits, but it doesn’t need to be leveled/ascended at all. Nyx is not useless without traits or stats. Mab is gonna be subpar without traits and/or stats. Any of the soul-farming teams will want traits or they will fail miserably. Etc etc.

Rare troops like Warlock are easy enough to trait, which is okay. But traiting Mab is not to be expected.

Even banner choices might be too much here. Newer players might not have as much access to the map yet.


Everyone knows my old faithful…


(I know this team is better with Justice but I just really love Minogor okay?)


@turintuor Oops!!! thanks for pointing that out lol

@Arcemius Thanks I caught the typo just after I posted the thread!

@Shimrra We’ve found a lot of midgame players can also be quite unsure of how to build good teams as well so it’s not just for newbies, although, definitely want a bunch of this article geared at players without large troop collections.

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JUST better with Justice, she says. SCOFF
PS: Justice is my “Favored Troop”.


The Dragon Soul

Abyssal Banner

Could replace Dawnbringer with another Krystenax

Another team I never use but is popular

Dwarven Gate
Dwarven Gate

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The Dwarven Gates continue to fill each other up, and King Highforge benefits from the damage boost due to the gates being Dwarven troops.

Traitstone farm for Low Level:
Firebomb/Dust Devil
Firebomb/Dust Devil
Rowanne (I recommend her instead of Sunbird because she is guaranteed from Forest of Thorns questline.)
Firebomb/Dust Devil

It would be quicker with Firebombs, and you’d have to unlock Empowered on both Firebomb AND Dust Devil to make it work, but when considering newer players, they might not have 3 Firebombs, and it’s just nice to include other options.


King Bloodhammer


Nobend Brothers, Queen Grapplepot, Princess Fizzbang, Goblin King

Dark Elven Banner (Zhul’Kari) +1 Purple, +1 Green

You can’t really go too wrong on banners, but filling Queen Grapplepot isn’t the right way to go. You’d want a banner for Nobend or Fizzbang to fill faster to start the chaos faster which will eventually fill Queen Grapplepot anyways. Frozen Banner (Glacial Peaks), Undead Banner (Khetar), Abyssal Banner (Blighted Lands) are some of the more popular choices.

I’d mention popular variants either, as freedom of choice in team builds is awesome. Stuff like Siren, Queen Aurora, Goblin Rocket, Ice Goblin, Gorgotha … anything really can be slotted in for Goblin King.

Freeze Team

Forest Troll, Nyx, Kraken, Queen Mab

Frozen Banner (Glacial Peaks) +2 Blue, +1 Purple, -1 Red

Works better with Trident Banner in most cases as that’s what Forest Troll does, make a lot of green. You’re really reliant on a good amount of overflow to fill Kraken and the Trident Banner helps with that better than a stray +1 Purple to help Nyx.


Divine Protector, Infernus, Ubastet, Divine Ishbaala

Dragon Banner (Dragon’s Claw) +2 Red, +1 Yellow, -1 Brown

The team already dominates when filled. It doesn’t really need Dragon Banner to fill. Instead the Wolf’s Banner (Maugrim Woods) has a better chance to 1 turn fill Divine Protector which then fills everyone else by complete accident and wins the game. Dragon Claw banner works better with Divinia variants of the team.

It should really mention that the Priest hero class is recommended as Divine Protector is a lot less efficient without the hero counting as a 4th Divine troop. It still works without the Priest, but a lot riskier.

Just an explanation, not that I really want to see that on the Common Team Builds page.

Stuff that would help newer players:

Red troop (like Yao Guai, Queen Titania, etc.)
Red troop (like Yao Guai, Queen Titania, etc.)
Lantern Banner

Dwarven Gate
Dwarven Gate

that Maxx mentioned above

Old/Alternate Explore team before Fire Bomb came along:

Princess Elspeth (traited)
Black Manacles (Mechanist)
a pure brown troop
Any banner with +2 Brown, probably Slayer Banner at this point.

Worth noting Princess Elspeth is the free Epic from Silverglade, Bombot is a common, Black Manacles is free from leveling up the hero and choosing masteries, and any pure brown troop shouldn’t be hard to come by. Requires traitstones for Princess Elspeth and Mechanist Hero which makes it a bit more of a hassle then the Sunbird team to setup.


@Saltypatra and @Arcemius i use Mercy. Works better at every stage of most battles, earlier cast for favorable boards and later to deal with any debuffs.


I would recommend using:

If you don’t have Psion, replace it with a different mana drainer. If you don’t have a warg, put a troop that either uses red or one that has red magic scaling in its place instead. If you don’t have a warg, but you do have Psion, put a Valkerie or Mercy in its place for a quicker Psion charge.

Pure knight team
Emperor Khorvash
Knight Coronet
Lion Prince
Dark Master
The banner with + yellow and +blueteam

Soul team

Great maw
Infernal King

Probably best for mid tier players but it really helped me out early on.

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