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War team building question

So what IS he good for?

I pulled a War recently, and I feel like I really should be building a team around him on general principles…but I really don’t know how to use him. Searching for “war” is clearly an uphill fight given the name of the game, and I see to be finding only older / pre-buff threads about him.

My current teams feel pretty decent - for PVP I’m running Red/Red for Jarl*, Goblin Rocket*, Hellcat, Mercy* (38 wins, 2 losses to get to Tier 1 this week), and for Soul/stone farming I’m doing Warlord 1 Explorations with Red/Purple for Green Slime*, Keeper of Souls*, Valk**, and Rowanne. PVP Defense is covered by Red/Blue for Jarl*, Infernal King, Green Slime*, Infernal King and is only going 17 defense wins for 25 defense losses so far this week, but that doesn’t seem bad for how silly the AI plays.

So what does War bring to the table? PVP? Farming? Defense? Several of those things? Who works well on his team? I only have 9 Legendaries so I know I’m shorter on options there than many other people (Abhorath, Gloom Leaf, IK, Jarl, Keeper, Shadow Dragon, Summer Imp, Silent One, Venoxia)…does War require a high-Legendary team to run smoothly? What does “running smoothly” even look like for a War team?

I’ve not found a great War combination, but one that seems to work with what you have would be:

War (Double Skull Damage to Burning Enemies)
Jarl (Assuming you have the burning on 4 or 5 matches.)
(Skull Generator) Perhaps IK.

This team does leave you kind of starved with the other colors, and relies on Hellcat getting the red combination going. It might even run better with IK and Jarl Swapped, and hoping to get an early IK off.