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Looking for a good PVP team - Level 433

Good day,

I am a woman that played the game long time ago but now I am back again. And I am very active.

But I am strugling with PVP. I don’t have a Tesla.
I am level 433 in gems of war. Not all my kingdoms are level 10 but I am working on that.

Can someone suggest me some good PVP teams for this level? Or a site or post where I can find some?
I did look for more then 1 hour but I am lost.

Thank you for your great help.

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Well, if you have Glaycion and King Bloodhammer from Dhrak-Zum, you may make a team like “Knight Coronet / Glaycion / King Bloodhammer / Apothecary”. Or put some another tough unit instead of Knight Coronet. It’s pretty funny.

I take it that because you played a long time ago that you don’t have any mythic troops, or indeed any of the new legendary troops?
It would help to know what your ‘best’ troops are, it’s more about team synergy than your level :+1:t2:

@Nullings I don’t have Glaycion and King Bloodhammer yet

@Casper1875 You are right. I don’t have any mythic troops.
Going to check now what my ‘best troops’ are and will let you know.

@Casper1875 I found out that I have to farm a lot of traitstones to ‘level’ my troops.

This are my best troops (some are not fully traited yet):

  • Black Beast
  • Blast Cannon
  • Bone Dragon (not fully traited)
  • Giant Spider
  • Goblin King
  • Goblin Rocket
  • Hellcackle
  • Kerberos (not fully traited)
  • Venoxia (not fully traited)
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Do you have Hellcat and/or Alchemist? You can do Alchemist, Hellcat, Goblin Rocket x2, Alchemist, Goblin Rocket x3, or Hellcat, Goblin Rocket x3. It’s slow, but you should be able to keep looping and never give the other team a turn (which means it doesn’t matter what you’re facing).


You need Souls to level up troops to get better stats. 5-starring all the kingdom challenges can help start this, then you aim to build a Soul-farming team eg with Valkyrie or DragonSoul.

You need Traitstones to unlock Traits (passive support abilities) on troops. Farming Explore in the kingdom of the right colour.

Join a guild to start getting free stuff. Save gems for the death knight armour. Look at the help / guide topics here and watch all @tacet’s videos.

And welcome back…


Ice goblin (easy to get if you dont have)
Goblin rocket
Bone dragon
Goblin king
Could be a lot of fun even without traits, just use the ice goblin and goblin rocket for board control into bone dragon and goblin king as a back tank/ summon :+1:


Do you have green seer? As an alternative to the goblin teams above try green seer kerberos bone dragon giant spider.
Green seer fills giant spider which feeds green seer & kerby & bone dragon. Just try not to overwrite green or purple depending on what you’re casting.
Giant spider summons if you lose a troop too so can be useful.
The goblin teams others have suggested or that should be more than enough to see off most opposition…

Thank you Guys
I get something working now for PVp.

In between i am playing challenges

Thats great, what did you go with in the end?

I have 2 teams that are working well for me now. That is: Alchemist, Goblin Rocket x3

And the one from you DracoVoid (Ice goblin, Goblin rocket, Bone dragon and Goblin king).


Thats great im glad it helped :+1:
Goblin teams are a lot of fun to play with :grin:

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It is a nice team. I am only a bit struggling how to use the goblin rocket effective.

My advice for the Alchemist team because I’ve used it on GW Red day: I would probably use Bear banner to get the Alchemist charged up right away. Lantern banner is also okay.

Use the Goblin Rocket to set up matches for brown and red if Alchemist isn’t charged up (either by causing them to fall or setting up 4+ for the extra turn). If it is, use it to set up matches for red and yellow to recharge itself and others. If all three are charged up and/or you can’t make red and yellow matches, look for 4+ skull matches or just dropping the board to make skull matches. If you can’t do that, look for any possible 4+ color matches by falling or setting it up for extra turn - remember, the important thing is to keep the loop going.

Don’t forget that you can explode gems on the bottom row, side, or corner to have the gems fall just two rows.

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Level isn’t a very useful measure in GoW other than 433 tells me you should have “some legendaries” and it’s around where a lot of people tend to get their first Mythic, depending on clan activity. The most useful measure of the teams you can build is your available troops.

You can help people help you by either listing the Legendary/Mythic troops you have or registering for an account at http://gowdb.com. If you link your account to that site, you can get a link to a page that shows us your troop collection. Then someone can tell you what viable PvP teams you have.

@pannagirl with goblin rocket its all about looking at what you can make drop to your advantage with his cast, if you can get skulls or mana you need etc, it gives great board control so you can set the rest up :blush:

Practising with 3x3 exploders (Rocket is the famous one) is good for your skills… I see those patterns in my sleep…

Once you switch in the Hellcat, this team can beat almost anything (slowly)…

Great Guys
I think i Will dream about THE goblin rocket soon.

Will put THE link with what i have monday.

Have a Soccer tournament

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Here you have the link of my collection https://gowdb.com/collection/67ec16d5433eb5349163f066062cc2cc

Thank you for your great help.