Question about making a good Team / Build

Hello, I am new to Gems of War. Just started playing on Xbox One. I have gotten some rare cards like Ancient Horror, Luther, The Alchemist, Warlock and Sylvasi. Just curious how I can make a good majority of these cards come together to have a strong team. I like using Luther a lot and Ancient Horror and Sylvasi are fun… as well as Vampire Lord. But just having trouble making them meld together. Any ideas or tips would be great.


I would consider a test with Alchemist, Ancient Horror and Sylvasi.

EDIT: When I started the game, my most successful team was Hero (any green weapon), Sacred Guardian, Mist Stalker and Luther. It’s pretty solid for the start, but is not really well-suited for PvP.

Useful tip: Use all six colors.

I’d suggest pushing ahead with as many of the quests as you can and unlocking free Epics…

Have the occasional delve into PVP just to see what teams others are using.

Above all, experiment and have fun!