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Want an Active Guild to be part of

Level 49 active player with Dragon Armor and has one lvl 10 Kingdom and the rest are at about lvl 4. I am looking for an active guild that has a donation requirement, and I can donate at least 20,000 gold a week, but prbly no more than 100,000 gold.

Breakfast club is ranked 55 guild and are looking for ACTIVE players. We are a fun guild that offers members +55 bonus to all Masteries and 100% Daily Gold Bonus. We have the following minimum requirements to encourage our members to be active.

Must be level 20+
Weekly Tithe is on a sliding scale
Tier 5 tithe is 20 trophies + 20 trophies &/or 20000 gold
Tier 4 tithe is 35 trophies + 35 trophies &/or 35000 gold
Tier 3 tithe is 40 trophies + 40 trophies &/or 40000 gold
Tier 2 tithe is 45 trophies + 45 trophies &/or 45000 gold

We are an open guild so look for us or reply to this post with your invite code.

Okashira_2 is my invite code.

Hi Okashira,

I’ve sent you an invite to The Breakfast Club