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Come Join the Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is looking for active players (4 slots available). We are rank 58 and offer +40 bonus on all Masteriies and a 100% Daily Gold Bonus. We have the following minimum requirements to encourage player activity.

Must be Level 40
Weekly Tithe of 20pts (where 1pt = 1 Trophy or 1000g)
No more then 5 days of inactivity

Reply to this Post or look for us in game (we are an open guild)

hi, i can give 20k gold and a lot more than 20 trophies/week
inv code is VV//HADES

3 slots left … active players welcome.

i would like to join my name is MORG_2. i am currently in a guild but the members aren’t very active. do you still have openings?

**EDIT - i left my guild, please add me. MORG_2. i will exceed your requirements for gold & trophy contributions.

Tried to invite but it says you are currently in another guild … Let me know if you would still like to join us and I will be happy to send another invite.

Still got space in the club? I’m currently lvl 176 and 13 out of 20 kingdoms at level 10. No problem filling up your weekly requirements.
Invite code is LINKOSUO.

Sure do … Just sent the invite … Welcome

We still have 4 slots available …