Breakfast Club Open Slots - All Levels Welcome. 4 slots open

We are level 400 guild are looking for ACTIVE players. We welcome active players of all levels. We regularly hit 20k seals/week and have 300% daily bonuses plus 80+ On all masteries.

Weekly Tithe is on a sliding scale so lower level members can build up their kingdoms, there are no gold requirements as all our members contribute generously. In addition, members how are inactive for 5 days without warning will be booted.

Tier 5 tithe is 25 trophies & 300 seals
Tier 4 tithe is 50 trophies & 400 seals
Tier 3 tithe is 75 trophies & 500 seals
Tier 2 tithe is 100 trophies & 700 seals

We are an open guild so look for us or reply to this post with your invite code.

I would like to join an active guild
i’m lv207 atm
17 kingdoms at lv10
always rank 1 in PVP after 2 days, so np with getting those points
also also np with getting the weekly gold

invite code: THEPJ

Invitation sent, welcome.

I would like to join. invite code: PINOKING1.1
Just getting started on pc, level 22. I have been playing on console for quite a while (level320)


I thought about doing this myself but have too much invested on console side, It was too demoralizing to start over.

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Ha. yeah, I fought with that myself. Sitting at my desk at work allows some time for pc. Started it up one day, now here I am looking for a guild. SMH

Most definitely on the pc side will be strictly FTP. The amount of hours I have on console certainly justifies the $$ I spent. Will still play on console when home.

Invite sent, welcome.

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Hi I am interested in joining your guild. my invite code is jo081. i play between 3-4 times a week and am a good contributor. level 226. Looking for easy going guild to join

Invite sent. Welcome!

Still recruiting, join us and help us break into the top 50 of the league.

Hi, looking for a new guild to join. My guild has been stagnant recently, and it’ll be nice to join an active guild. Some information about me:

  • Level 145
  • 5 Kingdoms max
  • Fairly active
  • Invitation code: ARACNII_1


You will be ranked 56. very soon :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi Aracnii,

I tried to send you an invite to the Breakfast Club.
You need to leave your current guild before you can join us.

Alright, done!

Invite sent. Welcome to the guild!!

Just to show that I’m not a liar, as promised we are now :slight_smile:
Bump for good luck :slight_smile:

I’m in.
LVL 334, all kingdoms maxed

Invite Code DENKU

Sorry Zintoru, we are currently full.