Breakfast Club now recruiting, all level welcome. 2 slot open!

We are a level 437 guild are looking for ACTIVE players. We welcome players of all levels and are a pretty relaxed bunch. We regularly hit 20k seals/week, have 300% daily bonuses and have 90+ to all Masteries.

There are no gold requirements as our members typically contribute genously. There is a Weekly Tithe but is on a sliding scale so lower level members can focus on building up their kingdoms. One additional requirement, members who are inactive for 5+ days without warning will be booted.

Rank 5 tithe is 25 trophies + 300 seals
Rank 4 tithe is 50 trophies + 400 seals
Rank 3 tithe is 75 trophies + 500 seals
Rank 2 tithe is 100 trophies + 700 seals

I adjust your ranking according to how you perform every Sunday evening, the only pressure in our guild is to get the Rank 2" required tithe … and have fun doing it.

Please reply to this post with your invite code.

Sorry just realized another guild got back to my application


lvl 334 active player looking for a guild :slight_smile:

Good contributer and I’m around daily.

invite code: KRIS_47

Invite sent anakhizer welcome to the guild.

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Lvl 110 active player get 1000-1500 seals and good amount of trophies.

invite code: ZEROWOLF

Hello I am new but very very active, eager to get some friends :smiley:

Invite code: SKULLMASTER

Zerowolf, invite sent welcome.

Skullmaster11, if you are still interested please leave your current guild and I will stand you an invite.

Still accepting new members.

Sounds great
Thanks, and I’m excited to get started.


Invite sent … welcome to the guild

Thanks. Transferring from console. Trying to finish the kingdoms. I will donate as much as I can. I’m happy to be here. Thanks.

Don’t worry about the gold just get the trophies, which is a good way to get gold :slight_smile:

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1 slot available for anyone interested in a very active but also a low stress guild.

We have had 3 slots open up and are looking for some active players … see initial post for more info.

Hello, my name is Jessie and I am interested in joining your guild. I can donate 50-100k weekly and meet the trophy requirements for up to tier two. I’m not sure which tier I am. My invite code is Elsa_37.

Hi! Im new, 2 weeks played, very activ.
Inv. Code: RIMOR_2

Sent you an invite Rimor, welcome to the guild.

Sent you an invite Jessie, welcome to the guild.

I’m interested! I’m level 50 but active (daily) player. My invite code is CALYPSO_10. Thanks!