Breakfast Club looking for new members

We are ranked 56 and are looking for ACTIVE players. We are a fun guild that offers members +40 bonus to all Masteries and 100% Daily Gold Bonus. We have the following minimum requirements to encourage our members to be active.

Must be level 20+
Weekly Tithe of 20 pts where 1 pt = 1 trophy OR 1 pt = 1,000 Gold
“Last Battle” must not exceed 5 days

If you’re interested, reply to this post with your invite code, or find me on Global Channel 14.

I’d like to join, I’m looking for a more active guild than the one I just left.

Invite codde: Señor Discount!
Level 394, more than happy to contribute

I’m looking for a more active guild than the one I’m in. Started 9 days ago and I’m level 75.

Invite code: Kayenne1970

Can’t find ur login … I don’t have that ‘n’ on my keyboard, sorry.

Sorry for the slow response … Busy day today let me know if your still interested I joining.

I’m looking for an active guild… invite code is Serin_2

Been playing about a week and play multiple times a day.

Hey me and my girlfriend will join, we play at least every other day. Level 60, HANNAH_7DG4