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The Breakfast Club is Recruiting

We are ranked 58 and are looking for ACTIVE players. We are a fun guild that offers members +40 bonus to all Masteries and 100% Daily Gold Bonus. We have the following minimum requirements to encourage our members to be active.

  1. Must be level 40+
  2. Weekly Tithe of 20 pts where 1 pt = 1 trophy OR 1 pt = 1,000 Gold
  3. “Last Battle” must not exceed 5 days

If you’re interested, reply to this post with your invite code or find us in-game we are an open guild.

Well I just hit 39 and working towards 40 at this very moment but I now donate 1k gold a day as well as enough trophies to get Rank 1. My current guild is just something random I joined and everyone is foreign so would be nice to join something new.

Invite Code SHUINO

EDIT If it helps I’m now lv 40


I am lvl 66 1 city to lvl 10 working on 2nd I get at least 50 Trophies a week at 29 right now


Daily currently lvl umm 86 player.

Got invited to another guild.