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Breakfast Club Looking for active members

Breakfast Club, rank 55, is now recruiting, we have 3 slots available, must be lvl 30. We offer +58 to all Masteries, 100% Daily Gold Bonus,

Weekly tithes:
Recruit: 20 Trophies plus any combo of 20 Trophies &/or 20000 gold.
Legionnaire: 25 Trophies plus any combo of 25 Trophies &/or 25000 gold.
Commander: 30 Trophies plus any combo of 30 Trophies &/or 30000 gold.
Sentinel: 35 Trophies plus any combo of 35 Trophies &/or 35000 gold.

Reply to this post with your invite code or find us in-game.


Hi would like to join am level 112. Inv code .Mjoln1r69.

Inv code in caps .MJOLN1R69. including full stops either end.

And a 1 instead of an I. Sorry for multiple posts. Please inv am not currently in a guild . I play every day will contribute plenty.

Still time for more.

Hi. Sent an inquiry. Pls check your inbox. _〆(。。)