Wait what...never seen this

since when was this a thing??
is this part of the update?

And what would be the point to add that in the chat lol

if you look in 001 it cannot be replicated

The King’s Crown could always be ascended, upgraded, traited, just like any other Vault card. Ascending it is just a waste of copies that could have been used to level up a faction hoard.

Or am I missing the point of this post?

They are referring to the message that says it was ascended. That is not typically displayed in chat.

Ah. I never visit the chat so I didn’t know that. Thanks.


Maybe you should have looked at the OP screenshot lol

I did. All I see in the OP is an image showing the ascending of a treasure card, which I find unusual, and some vague questions.
Maybe you should have looked at my question that implied the need for clarification. LOL.

i suppose if u never use global then ascending a troop to mythic and having it broadcast as such may not seem abnormal. But it very definitely is. Touche.