Filters by amount available (CONSOLE)


Since we now can ascend our troops with multiple cards it would be good to have a filter that lists cards that you have the most of to the least of. It would make it a lot easier to find what cards you have enough to ascend for.

As an aside I think you need separate feature request sections for console and pc/app as people seem to assume that everyone asking for a feature request is a pc/app player.


You can filter by amount on pc/app


I am not on PC/APP. I am on PS4, so it’s kinda irrelevant.


There is an, “upgrade” filter that brings ascendable troops to the front


That’s for traits, not ascension.


It’s for ascension as well, at least it was for me when I used it about an hour ago, it just doesn’t bring troops with extra copies to the front unless there are enough copies to ascend it


Ascention may be in blue. depending on how 1.85 was released they could be sorted after traits. Try scrolling down and seeing if you have any at the end


I now only just see the small icon on the card. When it’s got traits to upgrade the blue is only half that icon so hard to see so I think filter by amount would still make sense.


Yes and no, it make sense for you now but in time you will have commons at mythic and still being opening gold chests. Not a problem in the slightest until you go to sort by quantity to upgrade and you have six copies of a legendary waiting to go mythic and 48 mythic peasents. Or even before you get any cards to mythic the different base rarities level in slugs where your RNGed cards go mythic first but the rest of the rarity group are behind and need 2 to 12 more still have 98 to 88 copies. At that time even sorting through by amount you will still have to scroll down and try and see the symbol. For me it makes more sense to start at the upgradable list that way I know when the symbols end I don’t need to go any further.


probably part of the 1.95 or 2.05 patch since we didnt get it right away either.