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In Troops, option to sort by "quanity" of a particular card you have

Sometimes I’m wondering who my next closest cards are to Mythic (or the next ascension). Sorting them in this manner might allow an idea of how close you are to the next bump and how many of a particular card you need. You may buy one from the arena or weekly offering otherwise if you were close. Also allows you to plan for traitstones to accumulate if you plan to boost a card about to hit Mythic.

Already implemented. Sort by ‘amount’. :wink:

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It would be super useful to be able to reverse sort. It takes forever to get down to the lowest level troops.

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THIS. I wish there were some faster way to scroll, period.

(It’s probably not noticed because I bet a lot of dev testing happens on the PC version, and I bet the mouse wheel works there.)

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(For PS4 at least) they need to shrink everything down so you can see the drop down box of options without having to pan up and down through it.

This used to be pretty good, but after the UI update it is much more tedious.

Other than that, I missed that option. A swing and a miss! :slight_smile:

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Amount may exist, but at least on iOS, it is typically buggy. Reliably able to find some mid-sorted items (a 7 in the middle of 4s), and sometimes it decides to re-sort after I ascend, placing my view in the x1 area instead of the x6 where I had been, and other times it decide to not re-sort, leaving my single remaining troop surrounded by 6 remaining troops.

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Yes, PS4 does the same thing. They need to correct that.

If you are on console, you can scroll much more quickly by using the triggers. :slight_smile: