Sort by amount for troops?

Since latest patch, it appears I can no longer sort troops by amount i.e. by the number of cards for that troop. Am I missing something? Sort by Amount does not appear in the new Filter list. This is a huge pain if it’s been dumped as it would seem like I have to scroll through all the troop cards to find where I have duplicates to merge!

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Yups, that was one of the things that was never on console (at least not in the last 6 months).
Just like filtering on “last activity” on the guild roster… that’s gone to.

Sort by upgradable, i used that the most.

EDIT: I found it, “upgradable” is still there. Its not ordering instead of sorting.


I also used that sorting a lot. Would be nice to see it back :slight_smile:

Please bring this option back, and with that, bring a PC/Mobile interface back instead of the console version we got.

Thx! :dog: