Upgrade Filtering options

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Samsung Galaxy S9+

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I had a daily task that wanted me to level up a troop. I changed my filter to “upgrade” and it didn’t bring up the only troop I could level up. I had the newest Doom troop at level 17 instead of 18.
Originally this was a report about the daily task before I realized that I had a troop that I could level up.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
No clue.

Just a wild guess, have you used the Ascend all button recently? Because it only increases the troops to max rarity without leveling them

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I went to take an SS of all my troops under level 20 and found the culprit.

I must have hit ascend all on Monday. Thanks Noob.
I’m going to change this thread to the upgrade filter not bringing up troops I can level up.

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Has the upgrade filter ever included troops that can be leveled? I remember it being a request a while ago, but don’t remember the devs ever claiming credit for implementing it.


I feel like it should though. Or have an option in the filter to easily sort troops that can be leveled up.

Remember, tributes were “bugged” for 3 years until a couple months ago they “fixed” it. :grinning:

I have never seen upgrade filter showing unleveled troops. For me it has always shown only ascendable and
traitable ones.

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The “Level” filter is for organising Troops that can be levelled. “Upgrade” refers to Troops which can be Ascended and Traited.

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Can we get an option to sort by ascending or descending then?

Currently it requires the scrolling down of 600 troops to see the lowest level ones. Not a huge headache but still a head ache that caused me to have a troop that was level 17 but that could be 18 left unnoticed until a daily task forced me to find it.


Can you clarify exactly where this would be and where it would work? Do you mean in ‘Order’? Moved to feature requests/feedback

This is all from a Daily task that is problematic for end gamers. I was unsuccessful in trying to have pulled from the pool of End Game Tasks for at least 3 Years. Mr Strange designed this particular task to help new players understand they need to level a troop from x to 15 or 18. The only way to do this is for endgamers to “save” troops by not upgrading them the moment they release.

Yes sorting would help, but this Task should never have been copy/pasted from low level Tasks to the End game set of Tasks back in 2015.

This has been fixed at the big merger of console and PC/mobile (at least for PC/mobile). If you have all troops levelled up, you never get this task.

As @awryan would be aware, he only got this task because he’d ascended all and missed levelling up one troop.

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