Visual Bug + Feature Request + Steam Workaround

Earlier today, I was playing on Android when this happened:

Without the borders/checkerboard in the way, one can clearly see the kingdom art which, in
my opinion, is much more pleasing to the eye. Any chance this could be added as an option?


that looks great.

Which version of Android OS are you running?

Android 4.4.2

I was able to recreate the bug with the following steps:

  1. Have at least 2 Revenge battles available
  2. Win the first battle, and select Revenge a second time
  3. Encounter the large kingdom emblem bug and exit to world map
  4. Go back to pvp and Invade

More pics of before and after the Invade battle:

Looks great +1

Oh I remember this glitch. Or some variation on it. Depending on the background it might make the gems on the board slightly harder to see, but overall it does just look cool.

Actually… huh. I’m fairly sure it was Adana when I had this happen ages ago. Coincidence…?

After a bit of tampering with the Steam GoW files, I have found a way to remove the obstruction. :slightly_smiling:

Simply locate this file:
Steam\SteamApps\common\Gems of War\res\Graphics\3\PuzzleUI.atf

Open with Notepad, delete the contents, and save.

I feel like i want to do this but at the same time i might want it back or even replaced with another boarder.

Copy the file to another location then. Safest way.

Another thing is that it will probably come back whenever the game patches. I can never be bothered repeatedly modifying a game’s files…