Fix to Empty Board Bug

We are now deploying the fix for the empty board bug affecting PC and Mobile. It will still be another 10-20 minutes until it is completely out. We recommend re-starting your game to see the fix shortly.

We are now working on fixing the bug concerning kingdom levels.


Restarting steam fixed the empty boards, weird kingdoms levels, and kingdom clicking game freeze…

So don’t just restart your game, restart steam as well!


Will the fix sort out the guildwars battles lost with the blank screen bug?

Damn, just lost one (board didn’t draw). Is there a version is setup or anywhere we can look to see if we have the latest version. I would hate to keep trying and keep loosing GW fights. :confounded:

If not, may I suggest GoW developers put a version somewhere so when your doing last second fixes like this we can see if we have the fixed version. please…

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I would recommend waiting for a further 15 minutes before trying again. Also, make sure to check in PVP or explore that you’re not getting an empty board before popping into Guild Wars.

I’ll try that but I have 5 fights left to go and there is no way I can do 5 GW fights in 15 minutes.
Thanks again.

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Yup I agree. Very sucky time for this bug.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to re-credit the lost Guild Wars battles.

I totally understand… But…version numbers please… :slight_smile:


When will this be changed? Considering how often various bugs happen.


@DonBoba due to how the Guild Wars calculations work it’s likely we won’t be able to change this. Not only would it take a large amount of work (and time) to impliment (if it could be done at all), it would also be exploitable.

So much like the broken stats on PC we have another issue where the one place it’s most important is the place the least can be done?

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