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[Reported] Version 6 showing the wrong kingdom names for loading images

Encountered on Android. Bug description is in the topic name.

Hey hey,

I’ve looked into this and haven’t been able to reproduce this issue. Are you able to please provide some screenshots of the problem your experiencing?

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

I’ve managed to find the example (Android version).
The Russian text means “Mirrored Halls”


Thank you very much for sharing that image. I’ve reported this to the Dev Team so it can be corrected.

Much appreciated :slight_smile:

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

Sorry I didn’t provide images myself. I thought it was affecting everyone, as it often seems to happen when new images are introduced. I suspect there’s an issue with the image indexing, and possibly how it relates to cached images. I recall that Maugrim Woods also appeared over one of the new images, for me.

I’ve also reported elsewhere (pretty sure I did) that the battle loading screen often shows the wrong troop image or troop details. I know it’s a separate issue, but if I don’t do this here and now, I’ll forget. I’ve noticed the following:

  • In Arena, the loading screen shows a troop in your team, but the level is always wrong.
  • In the Vault (only just noticed this – screenshot below), Cedric is shown from the opposing team, but he’s shown as level 19 rather than his actual level (based on difficulty).
  • In many other battles, including PvP, and probably Explore, sometimes a troop is shown that isn’t on either team, and it may also be the wrong level. I’m sure I posted a screenshot elsewhere, but most recently I was shown Gorgotha when there was no Gorgotha present. (Another pair of screenshots, below, from a PvP battle.)

On the last issue, I noted previously that this all seemed to start when the second batch of Guardians was introduced. Since they were the first new Common troops for many months, that might be the reason. In any case, I believe there’s been some kind of error in the data files that link troop IDs to their other information – or the way the loading screen looks this stuff up.

At least in PvP, I believe these troops correspond to a troop from the defense player’s home kingdom.

Interesting! I’ll keep an eye on that. It was originally always a troop from the opposing team, so that has at least changed. And the level discrepancies…