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Dhrak-Zum invisible?

Hi everyone,

I know i probably sound crazy so i’ve checked several times even clicking places i think it might be on the world map and trying to login on both my iphone and my laptop but I ABSOLUTELY cannot find the new kingdom anywhere. Even clicking “to battle” on the news link just takes me to the upper right corner of the world map which would be a sensible place for the kingdom to go but where there is currently nothing on my world map.

Am i really the only one having this issue? Am i somehow totally missing a step in finding and unlocking this kingdom? I have all the others unlocked so it’s not a “fog of war” sort of issue or anything. I’m excited to start this new kingdom and would like to try to get this resolved soon.



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Did you install 3.4 yet?

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Is that something I need to opt into? I had assumed i had installed whatever updates were available when i logged in as i didn’t have this issue when bright forest was released.

Yeah, this happened with Merlantis, IIRC. I didn’t update to the new version because of bugs, but that also meant I couldn’t see the kingdom, and that troops from that kingdom would cause crashes. (Bugs if you do, bugs if you don’t!) You probably are still running 3.3.

That’s weird. It’s certainly not my intention to refuse an update. How do i download the new version? (computer or iOS. i play on both. iOS more often)

Can’t help with Steam, but I assume it should automatically download updates whenever one is released. On iOS, what do you see in the App Store? Are there updates available GoW, or does it show you as having the most current version?

If you go to settings in the game are you on version:

Thanks everyone. I was able to go to the app store “updates” page and find gems of war on the list and used that to update the game on my phone and this morning somehow my computer has also inexplicably caught up too haha. So all set here. Not sure what changed with my computer overnight but now i know to check the app store for updates when things like this happen.