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Kingdoms Not Appearing on World Map

Platform: PlayStation 4, GemsOfWar version 1.41.

Upon Completion of Grosh-Nak, or rather the purchase, I was expecting Blighted Lands to show up. It didn’t.

It’s happening for Darkstone and Bright Forest aswell. I have Merlantis on my map, however it simply says I must Finish Questlines in three other Kindgoms (Zaejin, Ghulvania, Glacial Peaks), but it’s at least showing up. I’ve only now taken notice, as these are the only three not popping up, and I only know about them from the SoulForge.

I really can’t say what I did or how I did it. I purchased all the kindoms besides four so far (Merlantis, and the three that aren’t showing (Blighted L., Bright Forest, and Darkstone)). I am unaware of anyone else is having this issue.

Leveling up unlocks kingdoms. I think.

I read about that too, and that Blighted Lands specifically was around level 25. I’m currently around 137 (my bad for not including my level!)

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Did you take a break from the game and just return? Sometimes players had random kingdoms unlocked under the old questing system. Now kingdoms only appear on the map as you do the previous questlines. Check if you have any kingdom quests to do, and hopefully then the kingdoms start unlocking and appearing on the map so you can progress around the map in the right order

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Sorry for the late replies, but I did for about a year yes, and I was wondering if that may be the case (though I didn’t know they redid the questline system!). I’ll see if that works out, thank you

EDIT: That was the problem, just got the kingdoms. (I don’t know the specifics or what kingdoms are actually required besides Shentang) thanks again for the help!

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it’s not, you have to do all quests lines in unlocked kingdoms to be able to:
a) unlock another 2-3 kingdoms which you see on the map
b) see another few locked kingdoms on map

i’ve posted a bit about it in topic:

also check the link @Graeme posted, expecialy -> Kingdom Group Rewards part: