GoW from other perspective

So here’s a short background:

Some time ago made an alt account to see how GoW evolved during last 2 years, i’ve been playing and how the early gameplay changed. Wanted to play a bit more with it, and gather more data (lets say, until unlocking all kingdoms/underworld).

Here’s a short summary:
lvl: 56
troops: 163
kingdoms unlocked: 13 (others are blocked by quests)
game modes avaible: pvp, tresure hunt, arena, pet events, factions on tuesdays, class quests on thursdays, guild events (if you’re in a guild)
thing’s that are still blocked by quest progression: dungeons, soulforge, delving
Got to adventure quest which says: unlock underworld, which currently is probably blocked by quest progression.

So, major change from my perspective was, that you have to do whole quest lines (excluding class quests) of unlocked kingdoms to be able to unlock another 2 or 3 kingdoms. 2 years ago, you just spent gold as new kingdoms showed up on map while leveling. now you have to finish them all to get access to more kingdoms.
Which, from new player perspective might be good → because game, somehow guides you through, but as an experienced player i see limitations which affect gameplay for such players.
Again- if you are a new player, you wont know what you’re missing until you unlock it. If i were to compare game now and before i’d proably see it as attractive as it was 2 years ago.

fun fact:

My alt in able to do only gold task in campain, as silver and bronze are locked by kingdom progression (no dugeon mode active, not maugrim woods up).